The Shape of Things to Come

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I've worked at Georgetown for more than 30 years and I've been the PR flak for Men's Basketball for 25 of them. I created the Athletic Department's first internet page, back when the world wide web was gopher links without any visuals. (Yes, yes, I'm old as dirt, and channeling Al Gore, but what's the point?)



The point is to try to express my wonder and excitement at the changes in the works for the GUHOYAS.COM web page. This past summer the Sports Info staff has created or laid plans for:


Publicizing RSS feeds (did you know that you can sign up for notification of every single story posted on the GUHOYAS.COM website? My staff is embarrassed that I get exited about this as it is so 2006)


Twitter (did you know that your phone can tell you instantly if the story is of interest to you and potentially get a 140 character message-in-the-moment)


Interactive tool bar from B-Line (which my staff explains to me is an RSS feed on steroids)


Blogs (a daily glance at the chaos behind the score, like for example, this)


Hoya Insider (video feeds of interviews with student-athletes, coaches and administrators, more than 25 are planned.)


Desktop backgrounds


Online sports guides in a new, easier to use, format


Additionally we're expanding our online ticketing, Hoyas Unlimited has a new website, and The Hoya Hoop Club webpage is in the process of being redesigned.  


So many changes are taking place that were beyond imagining when I began laying out hypertext that I'm excited about the 2009-10 season before I even begin considering the competition.  Simply amazing.

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