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Written by guest blogger Henry Bowe


I am amazed by the resiliency of the team this year. Despite our lack of success on the scoreboard, my teammates and I refuse to give up. We see the next six games as an opportunity not only to get some wins, but also do some damage in the Patriot League standings. 


We have been anything but complacent. The day after another tough loss, we were in the weight room at 3 p.m., doing our best to recover our bodies and get stronger for the next game. After lifting, we made our way over to the cafeteria to take advantage of Leo O'Donovan Hall's fine dining and NFL viewing experience--the workers at the cafeteria set up a projector so we can watch the games on TV. We met as a team to review the film and by 8 Sunday night, we were back on the field practicing up for this week's game versus Lehigh.


Our Sunday schedule demonstrates the dedication of our team and our desire to improve. We're really excited about this next game, which is shaping up to be a fierce battle. Neither us nor Lehigh have won a game yet so as Coach Kelly said, "It'll be about who wants it more."


Meanwhile...we did find a song that Brandon Floyd does not know the words to--John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane." This is only odd considering every other player burst into song when it was blasted after practice Tuesday...Philip Oladeji's afro hair style is reaching an incredible length...If an official recording was ever taken for the percentage of the day spent talking, Keerome Lawrence would set a record...Chris Rau has taken the field again after months of recovery from knee surgery. He is already demonstrating the "game speed" Travis Mack envies...


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the "game speed" Travis Mack envies...

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