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Just a few things from this weekend...

  • The men played really well against UConn and everyone should come watch them on Saturday against Pitt.  Coach Wiese is doing good things with them and they are poised to make noise in BE play. 
  • Swimming & diving had a really big weekend also with their best performance at Potomac Relays ever.  The 3x100 butterfly relay team of Victor Lopez-Cantera, Wes Going and Trevor Kosmo and diver Caitlin Karniski had outstanding outings and this is a really big and important step for their program!
  • Tennis swept three men's doubles matches against BC and Charlie Caris was a perfect 6-0 this weekend.  The women also advanced a player to a singles final for the third week in a row as Alexandra Landers won the D flight and Victoria Sekely turned in a strong performance as she advanced to the semifinals of the A flight. 


As the women's soccer contact, we went on a four-day excursion to New England for games with Providence and UConn. 


  • The trip started with standing in the back of the line with the Wing's and Ingrid due to alphabetical Southwest Airlines boarding and then continued with Dave making me switch aisle seats with him due to Christina's choice of Chinese food as her in-flight meal.
  • For every soccer ball we skied in warm-up's at PC, some brave soul, probably Hanna Monson, had to wander out into traffic and retrieve the shot from the street or someone's front lawn. 
  • Warm-up tape rating - 3.5 out of 10.
  • Sara Jordan's game-tying goal gave her the all-time points record at Georgetown!!!  Sara has been a great player for the Hoyas over the last 35 years and now finds herself atop the all-time point scored list.  Congrats again to Sara!
  • Congrats also to Kelly D'Ambrisi as she had the largest cheering section at the PC game and got the game-winner in overtime.
  • Practicing in the rain is more fun than sitting and watching practice in the rain
  • Erika Roberts will never let her kids play ice hockey and thanks to Jackie, her lunch was crushed on the way to Storrs. 
  • Chelsea win + Liverpool loss = unhappy Dave Nolan
  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the tailgates at PC and UConn.  Women's soccer alumni sponsored the one at Providence and the D'Ambrisi's helped organize the one at UConn.  However, every parent in attendance participated in some way, whether giving food or eating food.
  • UConn had a lovely cheese and cracker spread in their press box, but no wireless.  They also had about 32,478,965 workers for a Sunday afternoon game, while here at Georgetown we have about seven. 
  • If a lady at UConn asks you to guess her age and you know it's a trick right off the bat ... guess lower than the woman who guesses before you.  Or don't make a realistic guess.  It will save you a lot of hassle
  • Chris Matthews from MSNBC's Hardball was in the airport.  Sara spotted him and was too scared to go talk to him.  Norah did not want to impose.  Erika went to go interview the middle school debate team and Toni thought he was a different person altogether.  Pretty solid performance all around. 
  • The Hartford airport needs to also not close their shops at 6 p.m.  Thus keeping Norah and Toni from sitting on the floor of the newsstand while reading People, US Weekly and Star and keeping me from sitting and watching the Broncos-Cowboys game. 
  • Erika had a presentation on peanut butter today, so if her professor is reading, give her an A
  • The comfy seats were the way to go....but I'm glad to be home and back here in the District


In closing, we played really well against UConn and it was a tough loss.  Hopefully, the ladies can carry it over to this weekend's games against Louisville and Cincy.  They are two huge games for them in the BIG EAST standings.  The girls will be wearing their customary blue road jerseys for a change of pace and everyone should WEAR BLUE TO THE FRIDAY GAME!!! 

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