Kid N' Play and Other Life Observations

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Spending the majority of my adult life around sports has given me a skewed perspective on life. Today, in my travels I came across a coffee shop that had a banner in the window touting its distinction of Washington Magazine's Best Coffee 2006. My first thoughts were what happened from 2007-09? Do you think the owner had an uncomfortable talk with the store manager saying something like, "Joey" (because that's his name in my mind) "I've noticed the barristas are just not getting it done like they used to and I don't think you've been the same motivating force you used to be, I think it's time for a change." 


Does anyone else think like that?


Anyway, unlike most Americans my fall Sunday's are spent anticipating Georgetown volleyball and field hockey, while listening to early 90's hip-hop at my desk in McDonough Arena.  If it helps set the mood there is a heavy dose of this:


(If you're reading this I miss you Kid N' Play)


Unfortunately it was a tough day, as both teams suffered losses. In sports information this is where one has to look past the frustration and disappointment felt by coaches and players to discover the bright spots.


Examples, freshman goalkeeper Clodagh Coghlan made 13 saves and now leads the BIG EAST in that category and junior captain Annika Bannon made two defensive saves in a 2-0 loss to Richmond. The two defensive saves place Bannon second in the BIG EAST in that category this season with three.


For volleyball, the team got very strong individual performances over the course of the weekend from Ashley Malone, who had 36 assists in both weekend matches. Also, freshmen Lindsay Wise and Paris Coleman have come along quite nicely as players and junior Kortney Robinson, one of the more fun players to watch at Georgetown, continues to establish herself as the team's emotional leader.  


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