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Good evening Hoya soccer fans!  I'm in lovely Morgantown, W.Va. tonight for a huge game between between Georgetown and West Virginia.  Just to set the stage, here are a few notes...

- The Hoyas have clinched a BIG EAST Tournament berth and are currently fourth in the Blue Division

- West Virginia is third in the Blue Division but has not lost a game since Sept. 18

- Georgetown is 9-4 all-time against the Mountaineers

- The Fall colors are lovely here in West Virginia, driving to the pitch we saw some picturesque scenery

- The coaching staff gave the Morgantown Panera a B+ for dinner, some team members were not pleased with the bagel selection during pre-game meal

- Junior defender Ben Slingerland has never tried a pickle until last night, he was not impressed

- Just 13 minutes to kickoff, it's not too chilly out and there is a breeze so overall, a pretty good night to play soccer



45:00- Kickoff!

41:19- First corner of the night goes to Georgetown, but nothing comes of it

38:41- Rob Burnett has had two shots, one went high and the other was blocked but GU is getting some opportunities

38:02- Chandler Diggs fires inside the box but it is saved off of keeper Zach Johnson's boot

36:01- Scary moment for the Hoyas as a Alex Silva went on a run, good defense by Ibu Otegbeye in the box to disrupt him

32:08- A lot of Georgetown defense over the last few minutes, Wilber is back in the net and has been forced off of his line only once tonight.  WVU just had a free kick resulting in a header that went wide but they are looking dangerous

26:49- First corner of the game for West Virginia, Wilber punches it out as two different players seem to be injured for the Mountaineers

24:34- The field didn't seem to bad this afternoon, but as the game has progressed a lot of players have been slipping

24:03- Scott Larrabee has had a number of nice serves into the box from the right side maybe scoring his first goal of the season last game has sparked something...

22:00- WVU was awarded another free kick just outside the box and it looked like a goal but was called off

19:41- A tough call against the Hoyas as a player serves it over the defense to a Mountaineer who clearly looked to be offsides and he headed it in to make it 1-0.  The entire team and coaching staff are outraged and Wiese is on the field.  However, after a conference with the line judge the ref ruled it a goal, this is an unbelievable call by the referee

16:23- Yellow card issued to Scott Larrabee after a hard foul

14:05- A shot goes high for West Virginia after a loss at midfield, the Hoyas haven't had much offense in the last 10 minutes

11:06- After Zeman slips backpedaling, the Mountaineers get two solid looks at the net.  The wind has also picked up on the field and Georgetown will be shooting against it in the second half 

5:09- First subs of the game, Madison and Riemer come in up front.  Jose and Nealis just had one of the best combinations of the night but Nealis couldn't get the shot off

0:13- Another yellow issued, this time to Ibu Otegbeye this is another dangergous place for the Mountaineers to have a free kick

0:00- Halftime, not a great half for the Hoyas but we only trail by a goal

0:00- Halftime stats don't look great, we were outshot 9-3 and took just one corner.  However, there is still hope because we still have another 45 minutes and Georgetown has been a second half team all season outscoring opponents 12-4 in the second half.  Stay tuned...

Second Half

45:00- Here we go with the second half, Len Coleman gave a spirited speech to the Hoyas as they took the field so let's see if they can strike early

42:02- Georgetown is playing a physical game and the ref is not letting things go, there is now a conference between the head referee and the fourth official but no cards have been issued

38:17- Good sequence by Seth serving it from the right and Chandler diving for the header, the rebound came to Larrabee who composed himself and got a good shot at the goal which was saved

37:22- WVU corner, Zeman clears it nicely

31:02- Header by Larrabee goes high, Georgetown is getting more chances on offense

20:07- Verdi just made a great play on defense to stop a possible 1v1, while the defense has been doing well this half we still need to score in order to tie this thing up

14:55- Two WVU corners in a row are eating up the clock

13:20- GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!  Chandler Diggs hits a brilliant shot to the far left corner of the net.  I believe it was Ibu Otegbeye that passed it down to him and he managed to get by his defender, the Hoyas have made a game of it!

11:06- Just as I finished typing Mark Zeman is fouled and gets a free kick 25 yards out on the left, nothing comes of it but this shows that the Hoyas are now fighting for three

9:53- Jose on a long run down the left to Diggs who just can't get a foot on it both teams still have time to end this in regulation so the defense must stay on its toes

7:06- The wind has picked up and it has started to pour, these adverse conditions often result in a tricky goal (luckily it is nice and cozy in this dry, heated press box)

5:31- A yellow is given to Len just inches outside the box but Wilber comes up with it, you can sense that both teams are trying to sneak one in because of the confusion and the weather

3:57- I believe the rain has let up but WVU has a corner, Rob knocks it out of the box

3:32- This isn't good, Rob just had a hard foul and has been given a red card and sent off of the field.  Georgetown will have to play a man down the remainder of the game.  The entire team is fired up as a small scuffle ensues and even keeper Mark Wilber gets into the action.  However, Jose and Verdi pull the team back.  Let's see how the squad reacts as WVU has a free kick from 30-yards out on the left

2:01- GOAL GEORGETOWN!!!!!!  Jose Colchao plays a brilliant ball over the head of his defender to Scott Larrabee who chests it to get control and then shoots past the keeper.  Okay, defense now it's time to step it up!  (PS Len Coleman is a header machine)

0:00 And that's all she wrote (literally) Georgetown wins 2-1!  Stay tuned for the story on www.GUHoyas,com!

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