No Cheering at the Scorer's Table

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I have worked a lot of sporting events in my day, though this is not a blog about that. It's about Friday's field hockey match, when Meggie Taylor scored a penalty corner goal against No. 5 UConn to put Georgetown in front, 1-0 and how it was probably as close as I've ever come to breaking the cardinal rule of "NO CHEERING FROM THE SCORER'S TABLE". I'm not sure that everyone else was able to follow that rule (Deborah Morey and Carl Zaparanik), but they are certainly excused in this instance.



For about the next four-minutes I sat scoring the game, thinking of clever headlines if by some miracle the goal held up and Georgetown defeated the Huskies. I wondered what Al Michaels might have said as time ran out if he was significantly younger and making his start announcing Georgetown field hockey opposed to 1980 Olympic Hockey. Who would play GU Head Coach Tiffany Marsh when the motion picture is cast? But the next 60-minutes proved a bit anti-climactic, as UConn scored six unanswered goals and went on to win, 6-1.


It was a tough way to start a Friday of events on the Hilltop (actually this was at American), but it is worth noting the improved play of the field hockey team since I started covering them a year ago. I admit to not being a seasoned evaluator of field hockey talent, but we are a decidedly more exciting team to watch this season, which may be a benefit of having some depth. Don't trust me? See for yourself when the Hoyas take on Villanova at the William I Jacobs Recreational Complex at American University at 3 p.m. on October 16. Admission is free.      

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