Out-of-season Saturdays

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I awoke at 6:30 on Saturday morning to head over to Yates for Georgetown swimming & diving picture day.  After being told to walk around back to the patio in order to get in, I hopped a fence, or two, to get in the building.  Our photographer Raf Suanes and I split sides of the pool and I figured things were going to run smoothly like the previous year.  However, that was not the case.  After a few shots of the freshmen and newcomers, Raf informed me that the shots were a little blurry.  This led to us shooting most of the student-athletes swimming freestyle and backstroke.

Another problem was the fact that unbeknownst to many; water and lighting equipment that runs on electricity do not mix.  Unlike last year, there was a ton of splashing that caused the circuit breaker to "pop" on a few occasions. Despite the issues, no one was electrocuted for the second year in a row.  That's a success.


Despite the problems, we managed to get our action pictures for swimming, diving and some beautiful shots of the new scoreboard.  It really is nice to see the hard work of donors, parents, coaches and student-athletes pay off in something they can visually appreciate and utilize during the season.  If you have not been to a swim meet, you will have your chances with three home events during the end of January.    


The team shot was supposed to be in front of Dahlgren, however the team of 45 could not fit on the four rows of steps.  It just looked strange.  So after moving to one side of the quad and recognizing the sun was in half the team's eyes, we switched to the other side.  This forced everyone to stand in the shade on Saturday morning and complain about how cold it was.  After four different sets of pictures, we finally accomplished shooting all of our swimming pictures for the season. 


I had a little break during which track & field took their team shot and then half the baseball team arrived for headshots.  This did not go smoothly.  The players brought four white dress shirts and four ties.  After discussion between the players and some mixed messages, they decided on wearing different white shirts (small, medium, large, xl) and the same blue tie!  The first player was Cary Piligian, who decided to wear a blue Georgetown t-shirt underneath the dress shirt.  Good start.  The "Georgetown" was clearly visible and the blue shirt was obviously showing through the white dress shirt. 


After the guys passed around sweaty shirts, a ragged and wrinkled tie and some individuals used mascara to "paint in their facial hair"; we had accumulated half the team's head shots.  (shaking head).  When asked why they decided to do their photos this way, some of the players said "Tommy [Lee] told us too", some replied "[Head Coach] Pete [Wilk] wanted it like this", and the freshmen just went along with whatever the upperclassmen did. 


After the baseball players exited, our tennis coach, Gordie Ernst, inquired if we could take some action shots of a transfer he's adding, Lauren Greco.  So at roughly 1 p.m. on Saturday we went out to the tennis courts and shot Lauren hitting with teammate Victoria Sekely.  I really didn't care at that point that we had disturbed the patrons on the tennis court who were taking a recreational game way too seriously.  Good for you, you're outside on a Saturday.  I would have much rather been on my couch, watching television or sleeping.  Alas, I was not. 


So that's the first Saturday AFTER women's soccer season.  In the office until 3 p.m. and then going home to wait for some of those pictures in order to post a story for Hoyas Unlimited and Swimming & Diving.  Again, it's quite a big step to see that scoreboard in Yates.  It helps things considerably and adds to the recent contributions and enhancements on campus (batting cages for baseball/softball, wind screens for North Kehoe Field, etc.)  While on the topic, thanks to The Hoya and Tim Shine/Liz Kuebler at The Voice, both papers ran an editorial from Coach Wiese and Coach Nolan in regard to a matter regarding the new wind screens.  Thanks again to both papers for their help in the matter! 

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