The Hoya's Women's Basketball Preview

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Today many students came to McDonough Arena to pick up their season tickets for the year.  To make the festivities a little more exciting, The Hoya was given permission to distribute a special Basketball Preview with each set of tickets.  When I picked up a copy, I paged through and to my surprise I found that it was not a Basketball Preview but a Men's Basketball Preview.


It's no secret that the men's basketball squad is the crowning jewel of our athletic department.  No coach or student-athlete would begrudge any publicity, success or accolades that it receives.  What is frustrating is that the student press and much of campus continues to ignore that there are two basketball teams on the Hilltop.  Publishing a glossy magazine touted as the Basketball Preview is entirely untrue and a slap in the face to the 15 women that practice just as many hours as the men's team and who wear the same Blue & Gray.


The women's team had an incredible run last season in the WNIT.  It was one of the best postseason appearances in program history and the campus responded with increased attendance at the tournament games and more coverage in the student newspapers.  Unfortunately, this has already been forgotten by many as once again The Hoya chooses to ignore the existence of two basketball teams on campus.


I don't write this to put down the men's team because their success is a key to so many different parts of campus.  I want to bring to the attention of the campus that when referring to Georgetown Basketball, you are referring to both squads here on the Hilltop.  One may not play its games at Verizon Center but that doesn't lessen the amount of respect the women's team should be given.


Obviously nothing will be done this year to remedy the situation.  While The Voice has already run two articles on the women with a third to follow later this week, The Hoya has decided it will only be covering the men's team this season.


So in response to a blatant show of disrespect by The Hoya I am challenging students, faculty, alumni and staff to come out and support both Georgetown Basketball squads this season.  No matter how little press The Hoya will provide, those 15 women will be playing some of the best teams in the nation here on our campus and as a Georgetown Basketball fan it is important to recognize that both squads need your support.


Editor's note: The Hoya has posted one women's article this school year, it can be found here

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The women's basketball team, Ms. Jonas noted, does not play at Verizon Center. The reason, at least in part, must be that the women's team could not possibly sell enough seats to warrant the expense that comes with the Verizon Center.

This, I believe, is not unlike the situation in which The Hoya finds itself (full disclosure: I was the editor of The Hoya last fall and the sports editor for 2006-07). Just as the athletic department must run a financially sound operation, so too must The Hoya. Sadly, advertisers will not pay us to advertise their product in a women's basketball preview, nor will readers pay to pick it up. Each page in the glossy magazine is expensive, and so to be blunt, when I produced the magazine, it never made sense to produce pages very few would read. At a time when ALL newspapers, including those of the student variety, are struggling to make ends meet, a women's preview simply does not work.

Last year's women's basketball team DID make a great run, and if it builds on that success, I can all-but-guarantee you that coverage of the team will increase in kind.

If they should be so lucky, then maybe The Hoya will grant Coach Williams-Flournoy an honor like Coach of the YEAR, an honor that The Hoya has not bestowed upon her since...2009. (Indeed, this Web site published a news story on that event:

I mean no disrespect in penning this retort, but The Hoya is a newspaper, not a public relations machine (a job well, and I truly do mean that, done by this Web site and the Sports Information team). When results consistently warrant coverage, I bet you'll see it.

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