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Worst Suggestions Ever

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Sitting in Littlejohn Colliseum I asked for a few suggestions for today's blog title and have gotten next to nothing from some of our support staff and managers.  Birthday girl Lauren Bryant suggested something about Tiger Pride and another staff member thought she was hysterical making a pun about their Littlejohn Colliseum and our Big John Thompson.  As you can see I am working with very little today.  Anyway, on to the trip...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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After boarding a plane for Texas this weekend, I never thought that the D.C. area was going to get as much snow as it did.  Like Ryan, whenever they talk about the blizzard of "insert year here", I just assume it will snow some, turn to rain or the dreaded freezing rain, and ice up/melt within a day or so.  Flash forward to Saturday and turning on the hotel tv.......bummer for all the people who were stuck in the blizzard.  I received text messages and pictures of the streets and scenes (a grocery-store line a mile long, people buying things for the armageddon, etc.).  At this point I just figured there would be some flight delays and changed the channel to some hoops.

I had a dream on Friday night that I woke up and the snow that had begun before I went to bed had turned to rain. Needless to say I was in for a rude awakening when I woke up on Saturday morning. See, I'm a bit of a weather cynic. So when calls for 10-20 inches of snow, I'm the guy that sits around saying things like, "I've heard that before, we'll be lucky to get three to four inches." You can probably blame a childhood full of staying up late on nights with heavy projected snow falls, only to wake up to nothing, except the promise of a miserable, half asleep day of school...

It's an Arena!

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Saturday, December 19 marks the first time in two years the Georgetown men's basketball team will play on the hardwood at McDonough Arena ... that's right, Arena.  Say what you will about the words on the outside of the building - but, as far as this athletics department is concerned, it's an arena. McDonough has been the home to Hoya athletics since 1951 ... and I've been part of Hoya athletics since 2005. 



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Due to a quick polling of the office, we selected some choice Christmas pieces for you all via YouTube and Hulu.  These are kinda what we grew up......we hope you can enjoy them all.

Tis the Season for Holiday Giving

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Although the streets of Georgetown are bustling with holiday shoppers, it's pretty quiet around the halls of McDonough Arena.  While people are preparing for Christmas we began the dreaded Finals Week today.  Instead of athletes roaming the hallways or practicing, they are in the library cramming for exams.

I'm Talking About Practice...

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Greetings from sunny California, where I am with the Hoya men's basketball team as we get ready to play the University of Washington in the John Wooden Classic on Saturday.

Holiday spirit that is!  One could definitely make the argument that Sports Information is the most festive office in the department ... there are stockings, a foam Christmas tree, garland decorated with lights and ornaments, pine cones and an all-around holiday spirit.  Last year, we were able to procure a menorah for the office but with our former student worker and good friend Jen Wolf at the MLB Winter Meetings, we have yet to locate one for the office - I feel like by December 12, there will be a holiday miracle and our office will then have the menorah it is currently missing. 


Grad School Work, Road Games, Giving Thanks

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It's getting to be Finals time here at GU and I have got a final presentation on Thursday and next Tuesday ... along with having to run over for a presentation meeting with our one professor innnnnn a few minutes.  So, along with some other people in this department, we sympathize with the students a little more at this point.

Let's Make it Seven!

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Hello Georgetown fans!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and that our inch of snow for those in the District didn't slow anyone down.  We had another outstanding weekend here on campus as both the men's and women's teams were victorious.  I was finishing everything up for the women's game so I wasn't able to make it down to Verizon, but I heard it was a balanced win for the men over local-rival American.

Post Thanksgiving

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Hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving and got to spend the holiday with people they care about.  Turkey Day consisted of sleeping in, eating good food and watching a Bronco win to cap it all off.  My parents have moved from just outside Philadelphia to Allentown, Pa so the drive has turned into a 3 1/2 hour trip up I-95 to a 3 1/2 hour trek across I-83 and I-76.  Not that this matters to many, but the scenery is definitely different. 

Tis the Season, I Mean Basketball Season

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Happy Thanksgiving Hoya fans!  We took a small Thanksgiving hiatus from the blog, but as I'm sure you know, that didn't mean we stopped working.  Over the holiday both of the basketball teams kept on rolling going undefeated!

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