It's an Arena!

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Saturday, December 19 marks the first time in two years the Georgetown men's basketball team will play on the hardwood at McDonough Arena ... that's right, Arena.  Say what you will about the words on the outside of the building - but, as far as this athletics department is concerned, it's an arena. McDonough has been the home to Hoya athletics since 1951 ... and I've been part of Hoya athletics since 2005. 


In my four plus years here, I've seen four games played in this building. There is nothing quite like the intimate setting that is McDonough.  It's the building I work in at least five days a week - but, amazingly, my memories have more to do with the games I've seen on the court than what I do on a daily basis.  This is where, as an intern, I watched the then-sophomore trio of Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert and Jonathan Wallace take the court against Stetson.  Roy scored 17 points that game ... little did I know he would go on to score 1,476 points for the Blue & Gray over his career.  Now his jersey, along with Jeff's and 20 others, hang on the wall at McDonough.


If you are lucky enough to have a ticket to Saturday's game, just remember - as you pack the seats and are shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow Hoya fans - this building has seen the richest of Georgetown men's basketball tradition.  Big Coach can still be seen roaming the halls, always extending a "Hey there, little lady" ... over the summers former and current NBA stars make their way back here ... let's not forget that you can always run into the current team while you're here, sometimes with headphones on, but always with a nod and smile.  So, no matter what anyone tells you - it's an arena ... and the history its walls have witnessed cannot even be put into words. 


Photo below: Jersey Wall at McDonough Arena


2009-12-16_Jersey Wall Photo.jpg

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that's incredible...wish i could attend the game....i wish i could attend every G-town game....let's go Hoyas!!!

-John Jay from the loser krew

Rest of the university regards it as a gymnasium:

McDonough is wonderful, but let's not kid ourselves about what it is.

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