Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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After boarding a plane for Texas this weekend, I never thought that the D.C. area was going to get as much snow as it did.  Like Ryan, whenever they talk about the blizzard of "insert year here", I just assume it will snow some, turn to rain or the dreaded freezing rain, and ice up/melt within a day or so.  Flash forward to Saturday and turning on the hotel tv.......bummer for all the people who were stuck in the blizzard.  I received text messages and pictures of the streets and scenes (a grocery-store line a mile long, people buying things for the armageddon, etc.).  At this point I just figured there would be some flight delays and changed the channel to some hoops.

My flight home, originally scheduled for Saturday, was canceled (of course) and I was reassigned to a Monday morning flight.  U.S. Airways was trying to get people to fly to Charlotte, Orlando, Philadelphia, anywhere on the east coast and drive home....but that seemed silly.  Luckily, American Airlines jumped in and allowed people to switch (no cost) to their airline if they would take their flight.  Good job of communication by both airlines since U.S. Airways was letting people out of their flights for no cost and American Airlines wasn't charging extra.

Got back to the District sometime Monday afternoon and had to do some shoveling, which is always fun.  Then people noticed I was shoveling and wanted to know if they could have me shovel for them.  These people were adults.....if they were elderly, I'd have obliged.  But these were grown men and women, they can shovel their own walks and parking spaces.  I carry a small shovel in my car because snow is something Pennsylvanians deal with.  Sorry that you were too busy buying bottled water and cheese instead of de-icer and shovels.

News and notes time!!!

Hoyas Unlimited has announced this year's guest for the Sixth Annual Diamond Club First Pitch Dinner benefiting Georgetown baseball. Olympic hero and goaltender on the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team Jim Craig will be this year's keynote speaker. The First Pitch Dinner will take place at 7 p.m. on Saturday, January 30, 2010 in the Leavey Center Ballroom on the campus of Georgetown University. The fundraising dinner will also feature a silent auction that will include vacation getaways and Major League Baseball tickets.

2010 First Pitch Dinner Information

GU SIM grad student Vaughan Moss has started doing some more things with the Georgetown Athletics Facebook page.  A week or two ago he posted a quick-one question piece with Monica McNutt of the WBB team and last week he posted a clip of James LiVolsi from the S&D squad.

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