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Sitting in Littlejohn Colliseum I asked for a few suggestions for today's blog title and have gotten next to nothing from some of our support staff and managers.  Birthday girl Lauren Bryant suggested something about Tiger Pride and another staff member thought she was hysterical making a pun about their Littlejohn Colliseum and our Big John Thompson.  As you can see I am working with very little today.  Anyway, on to the trip...

We had a great trip here yesterday thanks to the fine people at US Airways, and even the two-hour drive from Charlotte to Clemson wasn't terrible.  Now at shoot around, the team is looking sharp as they go through ball handling drills.  Trainer Melissa Robinson is thinking about joining the drills because it is -2 degrees in here but the team doesn't seem to be phased.

After a long Christmas Break, it will be interesting to see how the girls respond tonight.  Even though we are coming off of a good win over NC State, it was obvious there will still things to improve upon.  However, time is running out to improve as we prepare for our final nonconference game with our BIG EAST opener looming on Saturday against undefeated Syracuse.

Being surrounded by purple and orange tonight may be a little intimidating, but I have heard that Rubylee Wright is bringing the entire town of Latta, S.C. to watch the game so we should have a pretty sizable cheering section.

This is my first trip to lovely Clemson, S.C. so here are a few observations so far

- They take Tiger Pride to a whole new level, our hotel displayed robes with paw prints on them although those were not available in the rooms to my dismay

- Paw prints are everywhere here, even on the seat upholstery

- South Carolina is not warm, for being down South it is REALLY cold outside so much for our tropical road trip

- Even the Christmas decorations are orange around here, these people are nuts!

- It's nice to see the true spirirt of the team as even the injured players cheer on the girls during practice, Amanda Reese went down with a knee injury during preseason but that doesn't stop her from supporting her teammates (and adding to the number of well-dressed girls sitting on our bench)

- Congrats to Sugar Rodgers for earning BIG EAST Rookie of the Week for the second time this season.  As a freshman, I get the impression that she may not realize what a huge honor it is to win this once let along twice in one season.  I encourage everyone to come out to McDonough to see the future of GU Women's Basketball.

Make sure to watch the live stats or webcast tonight at 7 p.m. on and Go Hoyas!

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