Top 5 Runs of All-Time (in my short GU career)

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Hello from Cincinnati!  Sitting at shoot-around and talking with some of the staff about the exceptional work-out room at the hotel complete with HDTV's and a Wii.  This got me thinking about some of my favorite places to go.  On the road we usually spend then entire time together on a schedule.  Working out is the one time we have to ourselves at any given time you can see Coach, assistants, trainers and even SID's getting in a run.  Therefore, without further ado, here is my Top 5 Road Runs of All-Time.

5. Los Angeles, Calif. (November 2008- WBB at Loyola Marymount Tournament)- We were here for four days over Thanksgiving and every morning I woke up and went for a nice long run through the neighborhoods in the absolutely perfect weather.  The sun was out, there was no humidity and there was a trail near our hotel which was beautiful!

4. Tampa, Fla. (January 2009- WBB at USF)- We stayed at the Steelers' hotel the week before the Super Bowl right on the bay.  We were able to see all of the different sets being set up for the festivities.  The afternoon before our game, I went for a jog around the bay in some gorgeous weather and stumbled upon the annual Gasparilla Parade.  Celebrating the invasion of the Gasparilla pirates.  The event was filled with people dresses as pirates parading through the streets.  It was a ridiculous/cool experience. Hoya victory that night.

3. (Courtesy of Trainer Melissa Robinson)- During men's soccer preseason a few falls ago, the team stayed out in the woods in Pennsylvania.  Melissa decided to go for a run on one of the nearby trails despite the rain that had already cancelled practice.  After running for a while she realized she had gone out pretty far and possibly lost the trail ending up on the other side of a large hill/mountain.  She then went to a road to try and follow that back but was still lost.  She finally flagged down a driver that gave her a ride back to the campsite.  Melissa is no longer allowed to go out running on her own.

2. Clemson, S.C. (December 2009- WBB at Clemson)- Despite the brisk weather, it was a great run on a golf course and then over to campus during Christmas Break.  Seeing Death Valley up close was amazing and the buildings on campus were beautiful.  Since it was after Christmas, I put in a little extra time to work on some of the "holiday weight".  We won later on that day.

1. Louisville, Ky. (April 2009- WLAX vs. Louisville)- Best run of my life.  A brisk morning over to Churchill Downs to check it out a week before the Kentucky Derby.  I did a big lap around going past all of the stables and then saw a gate open so I decided to go in and see if I could get to the track.  I wandered all the way to the rail standing in the deserted stadium before noticing a horse coming from the stables.  I had stumbled upon the morning workouts of some lesser horses and even some of the big names.  The all paraded on the rail in front of me saying good morning (the riders, not the horses) and then started workouts right where I was standing.  One of the training riders even invited me to stop by the facility's breakfast to get a better look at the horses but I had to go meet the team.  An experience I will never forget and a Georgetown victory.   

Big game tonight at Cincinnati.  Sophomore forward and Cincinnati local Tia McBride has invited half the city to come cheer us on.  Make sure to follow the live stats to hopefully another Hoya victory! 

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