D.C. White Out?

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Kudos to the entire athletics department for an impressive effort last Saturday with the Gray Out against Duke.  It looks like Mother Nature has committed to a White Out for Washington, D.C. on Friday and Saturday as the current weather report is calling for somewhere between 16 and 24 inches of powder.  As the status of the winter storm is constantly updated, I cannot help but compare it to the Nor'easter of 1996 ... not the Blizzard of 1996 - the nor'easter. 


Wikipedia has taught me some very important things in my day - but the latest is the definition of a blizzard.  It is categorized by three essential elements - low temperatures, strong winds and heavy blowing snow.  Apparently 1996 did not have the wind speed to be considered a blizzard - but it did blanket D.C. with 15 to 25 inches of snow. 


Only time will tell how much snow is in our future but this athletics department is certainly ready for it.  At the time of posting for this blog, we are running on all cylinders for Saturday as we host the second-ranked Villanova Wildcats at Verizon Center for noon time hoops.  If you have a ticket, please be careful in considering your mode of travel and be conscious of the time it may take to get to the arena. 


Even though D.C. will most likely be having a white out, let's gray out the arena - it worked well last Saturday!

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This is ridiculous. There's likely to be greater than a foot of snow on the ground by gametime at least. The GT website says take precaution and use metro instead of drive. BUT - The Metro isn't running above-ground tomorrow, and the bus lines in VA and DC aren't running AT ALL. Yet the game is still on and if you can't make it, (i.e. live withing walking distance to the Verizon Center or underground metro station) you settle for exchange tix vs Cincinnati...who do I need to call for a refund if I can't drive, take the bus, or take the metro??

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