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The title of the blog today is a direct quote from what I hear in my cube as I write.  The women's basketball team is in the gym practicing and we here in sports information are fortunate to be situated above the gym allowing us to hear everything that occurs.  When there are volleyball games going on, we can hear the teams cheer after every point and during women's games the ref's whistles are quite clear.  However, it seems odd to hear cheering and chants in the middle of the day.

I bring this up because it shows how seriously the women's team take it defense and how much pride the girls have in forcing turnovers.  Coach's practices usually consist of a lot of live-action drills, the Blues versus the Grays going at it for three hours a day.  To hear the teams cheering their practice squads on shows just how competitive these girls are and that no matter in front of 10,000 people or in an empty gym, they are going to support their teammates and urge them on.

The Hoyas suffered their first conference loss on Wednesday at Marquette.  Being an MU alum, I got a lot of heat from my co-workers that I was secretly cheering for the Golden Eagles.  It couldn't be further from the truth.  Getting to know our teams here on campus, all allegiances are thrown out the window.  After working with these outstanding student-athletes off the court, it doesn't matter what color they are wearing we just want to see our kids do well.

I know my boss Mex Carey will catch similar heat on Tuesday when we host St. John's after working for the Red Storm for a number of years.  I think I can speak for him when I say that although we like to see our alma maters and former employers do well, when you know these kids you have to be on their side.

The only person this may not apply to is Ryan Sakamoto who is a Maryland grad.  With the Terps in such close proximity, I don't think any of us are okay with his Maryland Fight Song ring tone.

Diana and Drew keep their love of Elon and Rider under wraps but if we ever play the Phoenix  I can't promise that Di won't show up for the game decked out in maroon and gold. 

Tipoff on Tuesday is at 8 p.m.  Hope to see everyone at the game!

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