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Time is running out for Hoya fans to see the Georgetown women's basketball squad at McDonough Arena!  This weekend, the No. 14/12 women will host No. 4/3 Notre Dame at home in their final weekend home game of the season.  The game will be special for a number of reasons... 

First off, Saturday is another Pink Zone game.  This week the Women's Basketball Coaches Association has sponsored its annual Pink Zone Week to work with the Kay Yow Cancer Foundation in the fight against breast cancer.  Almost every college team in America will recognize the week in some way to support finding a cure.

The Hoyas support the Pink Zone by wearing custom pink shoes, laces and socks as well as using pink pre-wrap provided by trainer Melissa Robinson.  Even the coaching staff gets into the act wearing pink on the sidelines.  For those who have heard Assistant Coach Keith Brown's booming voice acrosse the gym, he may seem loud, but I can assure you he can show his soft side and looks darn good in a pink shirt!

With the team and staff getting into the act, I encourage fans to follow our lead and wear pink on Saturday.  You can support the Hoyas and support an even larger cause.

Also on Saturday, we will be honoring our six seniors.  Each has played an important role on the team and they deserve to have a big crowd to see what they have accomplished over four years.

Saturday will be a fun game for everyone.  Our marketing intern Vaughan Moss has some special promotions planned, there will be two nationally-ranked teams, the squads will be wearing pink and it is senior day.  There isn't a better way to spend a Saturday so I hope to see a large contingent of Hoya fans pack McDonough for the final weekend of the season.

Saturday at 3 p.m., hope to see you there!

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