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Everyone knows it's tough to beat a team three times in one season - specifically the Georgetown Hoyas men's basketball team.  The Hoyas stopped the Orange from that feat as GU defeated Syracuse, 91-84, in the quarterfinals of the BIG EAST Tournament at Madison Square Garden earlier today.


Today marked the third matchup against Syracuse this season ... since the first year of Hoya Hoops in 1906-07, Georgetown has met an opponent at least three times in just 27 seasons.  There are only four teams to ever take all three matchups against the Hoyas: 1994-95 Connecticut Huskies, 1998-99 Miami Hurricanes, 2002-03 Syracuse Orangemen and the 2004-05 Connecticut Huskies. 


However, the Hoyas have been able to take all three contests in a season against 12 teams: 1980-81 Seton Hall Pirates, 1981-82 St. John's Redmen, 1981-82 Villanova Wildcats, 1983-84 Syracuse Orangemen, 1983-84 Providence Friars, 1984-85 Connecticut Huskies, 1984-85 St. John's Redmen, 1986-87 Syracuse Orangemen, 1986-87 Boston College Eagles, 1988-89 Boston College Eagles, 1991-92 Miami Hurricanes, 1993-94 Seton Hall Pirates.



The Hoya men's basketball team has met one opponent four times in one season - who is this opponent and in what season?  Leave your answer in the comment section below for the chance to win some Georgetown swag. 


There has been a lot of research that went into this blog ... SJ in our office did a ton of research to help me figure out how often the Hoyas have played the same team at least three times in a season ... a fun fact for those at home is that the Hoyas have played against a non-conference team at least three times in one season: in 1908-09, the Hoyas played Navy three times; in 1911-12, the Hoyas played Virginia three times; and in 1929-30, the Hoyas played NYU three times. 


There was further research done to figure out when certain schools changed their mascots/nicknames.  That spawned an entire conversation based on favorite mascots, other than Jack the Bulldog.  The following is a compilation of the people here in the office and their favorite mascots.

Barb - Smokey (Tennessee) due to his fashion sense, the fact that he wears roller skates ... for the record, Barb does not root for Tennessee, but specifically for Smokey's fashion sense

Ryan - Rumble the Bison (Oklahoma City Thunder) due to the fact that he is a "bison Tommy Lee" (see photo)

2010-03-11_Rumble the Bison.jpg

SJ - refused to play the game

Mike - Pete the Penguin (Youngstown State Penguins) due to the fact that he has wings and he cannot fly

Me - Mike the Tiger (Louisiana State University) circa November 2002-June 2006 due to his athletic ability (check out the photo below)


2010-03-11_Mike the Tiger.jpg

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St. John's 1984-1985. St. John's wins at Capital Centre Hoyas win at MSG (the sweater game), at MSG in the Big East tournament and in the NCAA semifinals.

84-85 St. John's

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