BET 2K10- Day Two

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Checking in from Hartford!  We had a great day on Saturday giving the girls a little more down time before we play on Sunday.  The day started with a good two-hour practice at a local high school and then brunch before the coaches left to watch games for the day and our fun began...

At breakfast I gave the Flip Video to senior Jaleesa Butler and as you will see in the clips, she had fun giving us the J-Cam for the day.

We boarded the bus for Bristol, Conn., to get a tour of ESPN.  I don't think the girls knew how cool it would be but they were excited to be out and about in Hartford.  Since it was a day off and a little more relaxed, Henry let us put on the music to jam on the bus.

We made it to ESPN and took a group tour of the campus (thanks to Ashley at ESPN for setting it up and our two awesome tour guides Marty and Dave).  We started in the reasearch areas which were pretty cool but once we got to the Digital Building it was nuts!  We spent time on the College Basketball set and got to meet Jay Williams, John Saunders and Doug Gottlieb. 

We also saw the Sportscenter set and took a ton of pictures so we'll have some pretty cool stuff for the media guide next year.  We weren't allowed to tape inside but luckily, J filled us in on the J-Cam as we left.

We went to dinner nearby at the Wood-n-Tap.  The food was good, but the music was even better as you can see when the team put together an improptu dance party.

The dancing continued on the bus.  Thank God Henry loves the team and is willing to blast the music every now and then while we were waiting to leave.  I think Amanda Reese, Morgan Williams and Adria Crawford have the chance to be on America's Best Dance Crew.

To close out a long and fun day we watched the 8 p.m. game since we would play the winner.  Coach had a halftime interview which the girls watched and we even sat with the UConn team for a bit.


It was a really fun day and a good way to relax for the girls, however, today is back to all business.  You couls feel the mood shift a little at breakfast this morning as the team watched film and did scout.  The girls know it was nice to have a little break but today is the day we begin what we came to do.

Don't forget to watch tonight at 8 p.m. on ESPNU.  Georgetown vs. Rutgers in the BIG EAST Tournament Quarterfinal!

Thanks for the support while we're up here and thanks again to Jaleesa for her fine camera work.

Go Hoyas!

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It was great to meet all of you today. Best of luck in the BE Tournament as well as the NCAA Tournament. Go Hoyas!!!!!!

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