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Big day today Hoya Fans!  I know most of you on the East Coast are heading home to get ready for the game, but here in Cali we have a few more hours before we head over to Haas Pavilion.  I know I promised some more updates from the road, so here are some videos from yesterday courtesy of our manager Dante.

We had media and then a closed 2-hour practice at Haas in the morning.  At breakfast, the coaches went over the scout and showed film.  It's impressive to see what they can put together in just a few hours.

Here are Monica McNutt and Jaleesa Butler's thoughts before practice.

After practice, the girls had a quick change and then headed over to Bay Street to see Brooklyn's Finest.  Of course with this team of divas a "quick change" took a bit longer than expected...

Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie and had PF Chang's to go waiting right across the street.  Imagine our surpise, however, when for the second time this season we ran into our opponent the day before the game!  Turn's out they were hanging out on Bay Street doing some shopping.  Don't worry, no one gave anyone the stinkeye and it was quite civil but what is with this trend?  Up in Hartford we ran into UConn the night before our regular season game.  That night we accidentally took their table!

Well, whatever happened yesterday doesn't matter because today is game day.  Our game has been moved to ESPNU so they can show it uninterrupted so be sure to tune in!  10:05 p.m. ET, ESPNU, Georgetown vs. Baylor in the NCAA Tournament.  Go Hoyas! 

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Good luck ladies!!!

Tried looking for the game on TV; it was not being shown on ESPNU here at campus. It seems it wasn't on TV at all, at least not in the Georgetown area, which is unbelievable. Who can I write an angry letter to so we actually get some TV coverage next time? You ladies earned that ESPNU/ESPN2 coverage, what gives?

Tough loss tonight, but it looks like the team has a strong foundation for next year, and congrats on ending the 17 year NCAA drought, ladies! An excellent run; I cannot wait for next season to start! Hoya Saxa!

I am hurt our ladies didnt take baylor tonight as every win during the tournaments represents the opposing teams get tougher. So what ! Georgetown ladies team is tough and i believe in their abilities,dedication,loyality and desire to surface far beyond the average expectation.

Hold your heads ladies the day will come as ESPN2 highlighted saturday you guys to be on tv and flip and did the same thing tonight......Your assistant coach Keith L. Brown is my 1st cousin and i have prayed with him,given much support and he loves you ladies. This was a big moment and next year you ladies will reign supreme....

love to you lady hoyas............your cousin Glenn in New York....

Big Ups to the lady ballers of Georgetown. I'd love yall even if my cousin wasn't an Assistant Coach.

Love ya Keith.


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