Big Lax Weekend

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Hello from Kentucky!  I know most Hoya fans know me as the blogger that brings riveting women's basketball footage, but this Spring I'll be providing fans with an inside look at the women's lacrosse squad.

We have a big weekend ahead of us.  We left VERY early this morning for Louisville and after a short flight we hopped on the bus for the two-hour drive to Cincinnati.  I gave the camera to junior Mary Beth Brophy, but somehow it ended up in the hands of our freshmen.  Here is their take on arriving in Louisville

We stopped at the truck stop Subway for lunch and, somehow, ended up with another person on the team.  Here is sophomore Kelly Barnes introducing Cincy Lou to the camera.  I won't even talk about the do-rag that senior Jacqueline Proch purchased.

After arriving at the hotel, the team left for practice while I got some work done.  However, apparently during the short break Mary Wittelsberger took advantage of the White Castle across the street, fulfilling some childhood dream.

The girls cleaned up pretty well after practice and we headed to Buca's for dinner.  Since none of us are native to Cincinnati, senior Caitlin Formby (from Towson, Md.) took the mic to give us a tour of the city.  Here she tells us the history of the British pub we are passing in the parking lot of a strip mall.

We just finished up a huge meal and now everyone is going to their rooms to get some homework done and much-needed zzz's.

It's gameday tomorrow and I'm sure we'll have some other interesting videos.  Don't forget to track the livestats as we take on Cincinnati at 4 p.m. 

Good night! 

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