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Here we go!  Let's get excited for another day of track & field at the Penn Relays!  There is not a cloud in the sky today as the temperature is set to be in the low 70s today.  Just for your enjoyment, here are a couple of additional links to help you keep up other than the blog!


Live Results | Live Video Stream (via FloTrack) | Thursday's Recap


6:54 p.m. UPDATE!

Well, the Hoyas are done for the day and so am I.  It's been another great day at the Penn Relays.  We'll be starting early tomorrow as I will need to get to my seat super early since it will most likely be a media frenzy in the press area with the presence of the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt.  I anticipate seeing a lot of green, yellow and black in the crowd tomorrow - and if I play mar cards right, maybe I will be one of the ones sprint my Jamaican spirit!  With a trademarked Georgetown G somewhere, of course! ;)  Thanks for reading and I'll be blogging to you tomorrow!


4:38 p.m. UPDATE!
Andrew Bumbalough ran a solid anchor leg and pulled the Hoyas up to third place with a time of 9:34.38.  The time ties for the 15th-best all-time in GU history. 


4:34 p.m. UPDATE!

Theon O'Connor runs the 800-metr leg of the race taking the Hoyas between second and fourth as the Hoyas are fourth through the final exchange.  Andrew Bumbalough is anchoring this DMR team. 


4:31 p.m. UPDATE!

Toby Ulm takes over the 400-meter leg and extends the distance between the sixth-place Hoyas and the remainder of the pack.


4:28 p.m. UPDATE!
A little later than planned - but here we go!  The Men's DMR Championship of America has started!


4:03 p.m. UPDATE!

Chris Kinney runs a 14.14 in the men's 110-meter hurdles, taking third place in the third heat.  His time is 11th overall. 


3:42 p.m. UPDATE!

Let's get set for the men's 110-meter hurdles prelims!  First two from each heat plus next three fastest times advance to Saturday's final!


3:05 p.m. UPDATE!

So, we're still a long way from the next Georgetown athlete - so, let's recap the last 15 minutes of my life.  I was on my way to the press area to get some water because it's a bit warm out today.  I'm certainly not complaining because every year I do my best to make sure my seat is in the sun so I can catch some rays while I cover the Hoyas.  But, even SIDs need to stay hydrated. 


On my way, I decide to look around to see if I can find a Nike dri-fit Jamaican-themed shirt.  One, because I love products by the Swoosh ... and two, because Franklin Field will become Jamaica North tomorrow and I want to be a part of it.  If you haven't heard, the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, will be competing for Jamaica tomorrow in the USA vs. The World 4x100-meter Relay.  As far as this SID is concerned, I think I want to be Jamaican.  One of the greatest things about being at Penn Relays is seeing Jamaican fans come out in droves to support their native competitors.


With any hope, by the time I return to McDonough Arena and the campus of Georgetown, I will have a new Jamiacan-themed shirt of sorts!


Outside of the press area, I was lucky enough to be around Dr. Huxtable himself, Bill Cosby.  There was a mini-frenzy surrounding him with people ranging in age to meet the legend.  Second to my parents, I still contend to this day that Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable are the greatest parents of all-time.  In my years of covering Penn - I have never actually been that close to the Cos.  It's been a pretty solid Friday so far. 


2:42 p.m. UPDATE!

This is a shoutout to one of our grad assistants in the office.  The one thing lacking from this blog that we had during the BIG EAST Indoor Championships is the "Current Song Playing at The Armory" feature - or, in this case, it would be Franklin Field.  Well, they don't play music at the Penn Relays - but somewhere on Penn's campus, there is very loud music.  And current song on Penn's campus is one of John Cantalupi's current favorite artists: "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.  Keep reading everyone!


2:39 p.m. UPDATE!

Looks like our women did not compete.  My only guess is that those who would be competing in the 4x200-meter heats would have been the same as those who competed in the 4x100-meter relay earlier today.  Stay tuned for Chris Kinney in the men's 110-meter high hurdles!


2:15 p.m. UPDATE!

The women's 4x200-meter heats are starting.  Georgetown is slated to compete!  Go Hoyas!


1:34 p.m. UPDATE!

Like my fellow coworkers in the athletics department, we wear many hats and accomplish a number of different things for any given event.  While blogging, I've got a Word document up currently where I am working on my recap of the day's events.  In the event that I eventually take out the upcoming paragraph from my recap, I think it's important that my opinion is noted, so I will post it here so it at least appears somewhere:


Regarding the sprints program at Georgetown ...

What is important to note is how far this sprints program has come under the helm of Director of Track & Field / Cross Country Patrick Henner.  With key hires in former assistant Shelia Burrell and current assistant coaches Marlo Mincey and Stanley Lagrenade, the Hoyas have made tremendous strides in the sprints program and brought in highly-touted student-athletes.  There is no question in Henner's ability to recruit and coach some of the best men's middle distance and distance runners in the country (just look at his track record of current GU assistant Rod Koborsi, former Hoya Fleet Hower and current Hoya Andrew Bumbalough) - but, it is his role as a director and his attention to every aspect of the program that is impressive.  Prior to this year, the women's outdoor 4x100-meter relay record had not been challenged since 1993 - this year alone, the Hoyas have put up the top four times in GU history. 


1:01 p.m. UPDATE!

The Hoyas finish eighth in the Women's 4x100-meter Relay Championship of America with a time of 45.03.  What is important to note here is that this is (unofficially) the first time that I or the coaches can ever recall the Hoyas making the Championship of America final in the women's 4x100-meter relay at Penn.  This is an amazing feat and when the Hoyas broke 45 second for the first time yesterday - it said a lot for the strides the sprints program is making.  Way to go Hoyas!


12:57 p.m. UPDATE!

The men's 4x100-meter relay team finishes 14th overall in the heats and will compete in the IC4A section of the race.  It's just about time for the women's 4x100-meter Championship of America now!  Stay tuned!



The men's 4x100-meter relay has already gone through their heats today.  The Hoyas, in heat two, ran a 41.05.  We're still waiting on the heats to complete to see where the overall standing is.


Coming up today (all times Eastern):

1:05 p.m. - Women's 4x100-meter Relay Championship of America

2:10 p.m. - Women's 4x200-meter Relay (heats)

3:40 p.m. - Men's 110-meter High Hurdles (preliminary)

4 p.m. - Men's Distance Medley Relay - Championship of America

6:55 p.m. - Men's Sprint Medley Relay - Championship of America

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