LIVE BLOG! Thursday at Penn Relays - Women's DMR, Women's 4x400 Heats and Distance Night at Penn!

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And we're off!  The day is like no other at Penn for me.  Where to start, this is the third running of the Penn Relays that I've covered for Georgetown - and today was the first day it has rained.  Though my boss has always assured me that it rains every year at Penn, I was lucky enough to experience two without precipitation.  And to call it rain is being very generous - it was more like a short spring mini storm.  But now we're back to a sunny day with clouds rolling through.  Let's get ready for Thursday night at Penn!



Okay, so we got things squared away here at Franklin Field and it turns out that Ayalew Taye did in fact finish third with a time of 14:16.80 and Springer's time was correct at 14:17.60 to finish fourth. Bobby Peavey, running unattached, finishes 17th (14:30.18) and TC Lumbar places 26th (14:44.72). Congratulations to all of our competitors today!


10:48 p.m. FINAL UPDATE!

Well, it's freezing out at distance night and with all of our student-athletes done for the day, this SID is heading in for the night.  The issue with Ayalew Taye's time has yet to be resolved - but keep checking back on for the official results when they come out.  Thanks for keeping up with the blog and I'll be right back here tomorrow!


10:42 p.m. UPDATE!

Very unofficial - Ayalew Taye finishes third with a time of 14:17.60.  The video board attributes the time to Andrew Springer - but we'll have to see what the official results say!


10:40 p.m. UPDATE!

Ayalew slips to third on the back straightaway leading into the turn.  At bell lap, he is holding on to third place!


10:38 p.m. UPDATE!

Ayalew stays strong at second with just two to go!  I'm waiting to see when everyone makes their move!


10:34 p.m. UPDATE!

Ayalew Taye moves to second with five and a half to go!


10:31 p.m. UPDATE!

With nine laps to go, Ayalew Taye stays at the front of the pack - a solid fourth-place standing currently with TC Lumbar staying tucked in the top 10.


10:25 p.m. UPDATE!

And here we go!  The Men's 5,000-meter Run - Olympic Development has started!  We're 12 1/2 laps away!


10:05 p.m. UPDATE!

Natasha LaBeaud finished eighth, not ninth as previously blogged.  I read what was on the video board - but after checking the official results, it turns out she finished eighth!  Congratulations, Natasha!


9:53 p.m. UPDATE!

A result from earlier - in the women's 3,000-meter run, Amanda Walsh finished 18th with a time of 9:59.91.  Just a little longer until we get to the Men's 5,000-meter Run - Olympic Development!


9:35 p.m. UPDATE!

Emily Jones had a spectacular bell lap and moved her way up to sixth with a time of 16:31.82 in the women's 5,000-meter Championships.  Natasha LaBeaud finished ninth with a time of 16:33.80.  Kelsey Malmquist finished 18th (16:46.33), followed by Lise Ogrodnick in 33rd (17:32.05) and Kirsten Kasper in 35th (17:41.76).


9:23 p.m. UPDATE!

With six to go in the women's 5,000-meter run, Natasha LaBeaud and Emily Jones are at the front of the second pack of runners.  Kelsey Malmquist, Lise Ogrodnick and Kirsten Kasper are also competing!


7:32 p.m. UPDATE!

I apologize for the lateness of this update for the women's 4x400-meter heats.  I am currently back at the hotel as I was sidelined by some rain, then some lightning (I think I was the last to know) and decided to do my work from home as some of my technological equipment took a beating due to the rush to get out of the rain.  That noted, our women's team ran well in the second heat of the women's 4x400-meter relay heats, running a 3:40.35 to finish fifth in the heat and 14th overall. 


London Finley led off with Tenille Stoudenmire taking over the second leg.  Amanda Kimbers took over the third stanza with a split of 55.06 and Deidra Sanders taking over the anchor, splitting 54.03. 


5:42 p.m. UPDATE!

In what turned out to be an impressive run from Tennessee, Oregon maintained a solid second place with Villanova taking third.  Though Whalen made up some distance before bell lap, the other teams hit their stride as Georgetown took ninth place with a time of 11:19.27. 


5:40 p.m. UPDATE!

Christine Whalen takes over the final leg of the women's DMR.  With two laps to go, Whalen begins to close the gap from the Hoyas' seventh-place position.  She makes her move on the back stretch to move up to fifth before the turn. 


5:34 p.m. UPDATE!

Avril Ogrodnick had the first leg of the women's DMR.  An unfortunate spill after the first 400 made for a tough start.  Abigail Johnson takes over the 400-meter leg and battles a couple more slips from the women at the handoff.  Rachel Schneider takes over the third leg but has a lot of ground to make up from first-place Tennessee and second-place Oregon. 



But now the clouds are moving by and we're getting ready for Thursday night at Penn Relays.


Here is the schedule of events, all times Eastern, for the evening.  I've been told that we are running about three minutes ahead of schedule - but I would not be surprised if that changes at some point.


5:35 p.m. - Women's Distance Medley Relay - Championship of America

6:05 p.m. - Women's 4x400-meter relay (heats)

8:45 p.m. - Women's 3,000-meter Championship

8:55 p.m. - Women's 5,000-meter Championship

10:15 p.m. - Men's 5,000-meter run - Olympic Development

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