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Welcome to the UofL Lacrosse Stadium for today's matchup between the Louisville Cardinals and YOUR Georgetown Hoyas!!!  I'll be live blogging today from the match today so get ready for some BIG EAST Lacrosse!

2nd Half

0:00- Georgetown wins 17-13!  It wasn't pretty in the second but we pulled it out to stay undefeated in conference.  Go Hoyas!

5:55- Unfortunately, that wasn't one of them as Foley hits another free position making it a 6-0 run

6:21- It's been 20 minutes since our last score but we still have a decent lead, we've stopped them a number of times on defense and if I didn't say it earlier Caitlin Fomrby has had some outstanding saves in goal.

10:44- Make that five, despite some good looks for us we just can't seem to score and we are giving them an opportunity to get back in the game.  A five-goal lead with 10 minutes left is worrisome

17:21- Louisville scores again, they've converted four in a row

19:47- We just had four free positions in a row but couldn't convert.  It's too bad we didn't score but at least we are holding on to possession

23:10- One more for Louisville and the coaches call a timeout to regroup, we need a big defensive stop

25:10- Darn, another quick one from the Cards

25:45- Louisville free position goal, let's go Hoyas!

27:35- Off of the draw Jacqueline Giles came right down and scored, today truly is a shootout

27:40- Foley just scored for Louisville, I spoke too soon

29:30- Running clock here we come as Mary Beth Brophy finds the back of the cage!

1st Half

0:05- Ford scores on the free position to give us a nine-goal lead at half!!

0:55- Louisville goal and the hat is thrown, despite leading by eight we still need to tighten up

1:24- Thomas hits her second goal of the day and we still have another half of lax to go!

2:02- Yellow card to Louisville, this is getting crazy

2:36- Yellow card to Carly Napora giving Foley a free position, Formby comes up with a huge save but this may leave us vulnerable on defense

3:17- Ford gets the goal to make it 13-5

5:02- Boo, Louisville goal on a second free position

7:02- Another green card, this time to Louisville but Kastner scores on the ensuing possession

8:02- Louisville scored a transition goal making it 11-4, not much a keeper can do in that situation

8:40- Louisville yellow card, this is Georgetown's opportunity

9:40- Another freshman goal as Dina Jackson finds the back of the cage off of a free position

10:05- GU green card for moving after the whistle

12:15- Sophia Thomas just made a free position, we've even got freshmen getting into the act today

13:20- Cardinals goal, if we stay at this pace, it's going to be a high-scoring affair

14:05- Dwyer scores her first of the day and Kaestner assists, it's nice to see All-Americans playing like it.  Our top players are really shining this afternoon.

15:27- Darn, I got too cocky and now they scored.  Ok, back to being humble. 

16:00- I shouldn't complain, but I'm kind of getting tired of writing.  Since there are so many goals to write about Kaestner from Ford makes it 8-1

16:47- A GEORGETOWN GOAL by Kaestner!!!

18:02- As I wrote that we came down and scored on another Ford to Kirr connection.  Maybe I should write some other things and see if they come true...

A million dollars...Nope it was just a fluke. 

18:39- After a bit of a scoring lull, Louisville scores, we had a few offensive turnovers and need to get back to our game

23:20- Lovett hits an unassisted goal and Louisville calls timeout as GU starts out hot!

24:11- Giles hits a free position, Georgetown leads 4-0 and is running players in and out of the game

25:26- Georgetown forced a turnover and Kirr scored on a pass from Ford, the GU offense is looking good and Jordy Kirr already has three points on the day

27:44- Kaestner scores in transition on the assist by Kirr, on the other end Louisville had one shot but it hit the post.  Sophomore Carly Napora is faceguarding their leading scorer Bergen Foley.

29:09- Kirr hits off of a free position!  Hoyas on top early

30:00- Kaestner gets the opening draw on a lovely day here in Louisville

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