LIVE Women's Lacrosse at Yale

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Good evening Hoya Fans!  First off, I need to apologize to Diana who is finishing up her Penn Relays blog.  We pushed our start time to 7:15 due to the sun so I think she'll be done with her blog before I take over the top spot.  Anyway, here we are in New Haven, Conn.

Second Half

0:01- Jackson scores in the final second making the final 15-4.  Way to go Hoyas on to Loyola on Wednesday!

4:30- Mary Beth Brophy hits a free position, although it's a nice night I can't hate this running clock

6:34- Kelsi Bozel scores her first of the night, Hoyas up nine

15:11- Thomas scores on a free position, she deserves that one because she caused a turnover, picked up the ground ball and went down the field.  Thomas passed it to Ford who gave it right back but the foul was called before she got the shot off

16:02- Ok after a few tense moments I think we're back, a beautiful play as Kirr found Ford to make it 11-4

18:08- Yale adds another, we need a defensive stop to swing the momentum

20:12- Yale scores their first of the half

22:40- Bunny scores her second of the game and another assist by Ford, at this rate she may start rivaling Jordy Kirr as an assist machine

23:18- Formby has been playing a great game in goal, she's had some big saves

24:55- Seats scores the first goal of the half, Blake Sheehan went down but walked off the field so hopefully she's ok

20:00- Second half is starting, let's go Hoyas!

First Half

0:10- Two tough saves by Formby in the closing seconds to make it 8-2 at the break, Hoyas look good!

2:18- Beautifully executed offensive play.  O'Reilly to Kirr, Kirr pops it to Ford who finds O'Reilly curling into the middle.  Poetry in motion and Georgetown up 8-2

5:12- Kaestner scores on an odd one, the ball is loose on the ground in front of the cage and she just scoops it past the keeper, we'll take it either way

7:00- Great fast break, Sophia Thomas picked up the ground ball, looked down to Giles who found Kirr.......and post, no goal.  So close!

10:14- Unassisted Yale goal off of the draw, boo

10:46- After seven scoreless minutes freshman Sophia Thomas makes it 6-1.  I haven't said much about it but the defense looks good today and we are playing well on the ride as well as disrupting them in the midfield

17:30- On the other end, Ford finds Kaestner in front of the goal.  Five scores and four points for Ford

17:53- Big defensive play for GU, Yale gets a breakaway and Ashley Hunter tracks her down in the open field to disrupt the shot Formby makes the save and a Yale foul gives the ball back to the Hoyas

19:33- I spoke too soon, on the next draw control Yale went down and scored for their first goal of the game

20:35- Erin Lovett hits the free position, Hoyas look good and have only allowed the Bulldogs one offensive opportunity

24:19- Giles jumps to get a pass from Ford behind the net, GOAL!

25:38- Kirr from Ford, Molly already has two points for the game

28:08- Ford scores!  An unassisted tally to start the game!

We had a great drive here despite some traffic fears yesterday.  Dinner at Tombs was followed by a great trivia game on the bus thanks to Ashby Kaestner and Kathleen Dwyer.  I had no idea we had some many players with four or more siblings or those who have fathers that are doctors.

After Gladiator, we had just an hour bus ride left and made it in 5.5 hours.  Way to go Jeff (our bus driver)!

This morning after a walk through the team had some time to kill so they went to see a movie.  Quite a day already for the girls!

So at this point we're going through Yale's Senior Day Festivities and we'll be starting in 15 minutes!

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