Lovin' Louisville

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Here we are in Louisville Hoya Fans!  In case you haven't been following the team the last few days, here is a quick recap.  We beat Cincinnati on Friday afternoon to stay perfect in the BIG EAST.  Today we drove to Louisville and had practice on the UofL Lacrosse Field to prepare for Sunday's showdown.

I'll be the first to admit that I forgot the camera on a few wonderful outings this trip.  Before the game on Friday, we had a walk-through giving the team an opportunity to get their legs moving.  This included a long-pass competition

(The winners refused to be interviewed)

And some other stick games.  As you will see, everyone is pretty competitive.  Jordy Kirr will sacrifice her body for the game.

We then had pre-game meal at a nearby pub. I gave freshman Ashley Hunter the camera and once again she fell into her perfect Kentucky accent as she introduced some team members.

After the big win, we had an outstanding meal right on the water and the drove to Louisville this morning.

Staying in downtown Louisville tonight, we did have some excitement coming back from dinner as we witnessed some police activity.  I'm not sure what went down, but you'll have to wait for senior Ashby Kaestner's blog to get the scoop.  She went out to talk to a cop to get info but it turned out he was just a downtown ambassador and his main function was giving people directions and cleaning up the streets.  He looked important anyway...

Now everyone is hitting the hay, getting ready for another BIG EAST game tomorrow afternoon.  I should be doing the same so here I am signing off from Louisville.  Go Hoyas!

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