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We're closing on yet another year on the Hilltop and I just cannot believe it has gone by so quickly.  Sure, some of our sports are far from over - such as our women's lacrosse team, competing for the BIG EAST Championship tomorrow up in Piscataway - but there is a feeling on campus that it's nearly time for summer already.


It's been five years on the Hilltop for this girl and the more I say that, the more I cannot believe it.  My first internship turned into my first "real" job and the rest has been a whirlwind of awesome things I have seen.  So today, I've compiled a my list of top five in five years of things I've been witness to through Georgetown athletics.


5. First hit in Georgetown softball history ... So, Kat Incantalupo was up to bat.  It was the first at bat in the first game of Georgetown softball history.  Playing against George Washington, Kat laced on through the left side and I knew that Pat Conlan was about to start something amazing.  To this day, I regard Pat Conlan as one of the best coaches I have ever encountered - and if I ever needed to be coached in anything, not just softball, I would call on Pat Conlan.  


4. Roy Hibbert's three to defeat UConn in 2008 ... I mean, come on - no one saw that one coming, especially not UConn!  It was one of those, "wait, did that just happen?" moments.  I know his teammates and the coaching staff insisted that they were not surprised because he did it all the time in practice, but to that point he had never pulled up and shot a three in his career thus far.  He ended that season 3-for-3 from three-point land.  Not too shabby. 


3. Women's basketball returns to the NCAA Tournament ... To see this team make the strides they did from my first year to this past season was unreal.  This year was the culmination of years of work and seeing a hybrid of experience and youth coming together and having the best season in program history. 


2. Maggie Infeld wins Penn Relays - in front of 117,000 people ... So, let's be honest.  I'm not sure that the droves of people who walked in to Franklin Field that Saturday knew who Maggie Infeld was - but her race occurred immediately after Jamaica Gold, anchored by Usain Bolt, won the USA vs. The World men's 4x100-meter relay, but as far as I'm concerned all the cheers that were taking place during the mile she ran after Bolt's victory lap were for her.  After an illustrious career on the Hilltop, Penn Relays was one title that eluded her.  She ran the race perfectly and hit her stride at the right time to come away a Penn Relays champion.


1. Coach John Thompson III "playing" 18 holes of golf - on one green ... It was "The Major" in 2008, the first time the event had ever been held and we were at TPC Sawgrass.  So all the attendees could play a hole of golf with Coach, it was set up that he would stay on the 17th island green all day as everyone played through a shotgun start.  Coach would go for birdie for the player who got closest to the hole in each foursome.  Long story short, in 18 attempts, Coach made one birdie.  Kudos to Director of Athletic Development Blanton Jones who set up Coach about eight feet from the hole ... and the rest is just history.  


See below for an action shot of Blanton Jones from that day.  If "The Major" seems like an event that you would want to attend - take a look at "The Major" 2010 by clicking here!


2010-05-07_Blanton at TPC_cropped.jpg

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