LIVE BLOG! ICSA / APS Team Race Sailing National Championships!

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Well, there is finally some wind and we are getting ready to go out here on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wis.  After lackluster wind on Saturday, the Hoyas started sailing early this morning, trying to get as many races in as possible.  Stay tuned for as many updates as we can get out there - but be forewarned that my vantage point to the water (and the Georgetown tent) is not near a source of power so I'm running on straight battery today and the updates will not be as frequent as past blogs.  Enjoy the coverage we are offering through our website and if you're able to spend the Sunday of your Memorial Day weekend in front of a computer, here are some helpful links to also keep up with the Hoyas!


Live VideoStream courtesy of SailGroove | Updated Results courtesy of ICSA


8 p.m. UPDATE!

Boats are on the way in - no more wind today!  Check back on for the full recap!


7:33 p.m. UPDATE!

The win streak continues!  Hoyas defeat St. Mary's!


7:05 p.m. UPDATE!

Hoyas get another win!  Just defeated Yale!


6:43 p.m. UPDATE!

Looks like we won the last one against Tufts on the water but there's a possible protest looming.  I'll keep you updated as best as I can!


6:20 p.m. UPDATE!

Big win for the Hoyas!  We just defeated Boston College ... it's rumored we may have taken one and two but it is not official yet.  Next race up for the Hoyas is against Tufts.



So, if you've been keeping up on, you are well aware that one of the biggest battles that the Hoyas have been fighting since arriving here in Madison is the lack of wind on Lake Mendota lately.  Today has been a much more successful day in terms of the breeze on the lake.  However, when there is no wind at a sailing regatta - the sailors will do nearly anything to keep themselves occupied. 


Most people know junior All-American Charlie Buckingham for his achievements on the water, but few know that he is actually quite an accomplished four square competitor.  You may have thought that the game ended in elementary school - but, you never know what can happen in Madison!  Important to note - sailing rules for four square mandate that there is no spiking allowed.  Here is some footage of the four square action from Saturday's windless day to keep you occupied during the break.


Below, see Scott Furnary in the top spot with Charlie Buckingham setting up a solid one-two with his behind the back shot:



This video


4:15 p.m. UPDATE!

The afternoon waters were not as friendly to the Hoyas as the morning as Georgetown went 1-3 in the afternoon Gold Group session.  With losses to Yale, St. Mary's and Tufts - Georgetown sailing ended on an upswing as they defeated Charleston before leaving the water for a two hour break!


We'll be getting ready for more sailing in about one hour! Stay tuned!



So let's recap the morning a bit!  The Hoyas went 5-1 on the morning, a little bit of a rough start as they lost the first matchup to Boston College, but they won the next five against Navy, Wisconsin, Washington, Eckerd and Stanford.  Just so you know who is out on the water for Georgetown, here is the lineup that we had for the group two round robin:


Low Boat: Marco Teixidor / Ashley Phillips

Middle Boat: Scott Furnary / Caila Johnson and Chris Barnard / Caila Johnson (against Stanford)

High Boat: Charlie Buckingham / Alex Taylor


I was able to catch up with Alex Taylor between the group two round robin and the gold group.  Please see the video below!


The next round will put us against Yale, St. Mary's, Tufts and College of Charleston.  Go Hoyas!




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