Nothing Will Keep This Girl from the WI

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First off, let me start by wishing all the Hoya faithful a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Be safe and have fun, everyone!


Okay, now to the part where you will laugh (and hopefully cry a little) at how absurd my morning was and it will make your day that much better knowing that you could have had my day. 


I have the luxury of being a first-time traveler to the lovely state of Wisconsin for the ICSA Sailing National Championships.  However, that all came with a flight that left National at 6:20 a.m.  I called a cab company (those who know me well know that I never like to call anyone out directly - so we will simply say that the name of this cab company rhymes with "Shmellow Shmab") and booked a cab to meet me on campus at 5:15 a.m. to make our way to National (Regan to most of you) ... he was not there at 5:15.  I called at 5:20 to see if there was an issue, Shmellow assured me that there would be a cab there within minutes ... long story short - I called a total of two times, got hung up once, got called by the cab driver twice and he arrived to the predetermined location at 5:37 and told me I should not be upset with him ... Hmmmmmm, I'm pretty sure I can be upset that not only was he late by 22 minutes but that Shmellow continuously gave me that false hope that I would in fact have a cab within "three minutes," each time I called. 


After quite the trip to the airport that involved a five minute stop at a light, I arrived at the airport between 5:50 and 6 on the Friday before Memorial Day for a 6:20 flight.  Needless to say, I was not making that flight.  He said, "Hey, I got you here by 5:50, you have a half hour!  You'll be fine!" Hmmm ... wrong again, Sir. 


National was a Zoo (ha ha ... okay, I think that's funny ... National ... Zoo ... National Zoo ... get it? no? just me? I heart the pandas? ... okay, moving on)  So, thanks to the wonderful help from Anne F., a Delta employee who was extremely nice considering the chaos around her, I was re-booked on a flight that departed at 7:30 for Detroit and I arrive in Madison by 12:30 p.m. central time - can't complain about that.  So, thank you, Anne!


You think the fun ends there?  Of course not!  I wouldn't be blogging about ridiculousness if that were the extent of my headache.  After a 10-year-old girl spilled something that I can only describe as a "juice of sorts" (we're talking 10 percent juice of a fruit, 90 percent sugar water) on my pants and my boarding pass, I tried to get through security.  I did get the look up and down at my damp boarding pass but I managed to get through the first line of security where they check your ID - however, I did get stopped at the metal detector since I set it off despite a lack of metal on me.  This present-day SID was once-upon-a-time a wannabe athlete and had a number of surgeries that involved putting metal in my body.  That is always easy to explain, TSA totally understood ... or what really happened is that TSA patted me down yet again. 


So, here I am on a layover in Detroit letting everyone know that despite Shmellow, some 10-year-old at National and the TSA guy, NOTHING will keep this girl from Wisconsin! 


Obvious shoutouts to my two favorite people to ever come from Wisconsin - fellow Georgetown SID Barb Jonas and current Big Ten employee (former GU SID intern) Jess Palermo.  But, the extra shoutout goes to John Cantalupi (a Hoya for life) - see, you're not the only one to ever miss an early morning flight!


I cannot wait to make my way over to the Sailing National Championships!  The Hoyas had a great start yesterday and were in the top four for much the day, but a strong push from the field and Charleston really taking a commanding lead left the Hoyas in ninth going into today's final day of competition for the Women's National Championship.  I will be blogging about it as soon as I get over there!  Also, don't forget that I will be following our track team while I'm in Wisconsin as they are competing at the NCAA Track & Field Championships - East Preliminary through Saturday. 


List of things to do while in Wisconsin:


1. Watch some Hoya sailing!

2. Find a person with a cheese hat, take photo with them - then ask where they are from because I do not believe that those who wear cheese hats are actually FROM Wisconsin

3. Eat cheese curds

4. Eat brats

5. Meet up with Jess on Tuesday

6. Spread the news about how not awesome Shmellow Shmab is (photo below)

7. Whatever Barb or any other Wiscononian (Sconnies? Are we allowing that term?) tells me to do


blog-shmellow shmab_export.jpg


Hoyas are in the Midwest!


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Make sure to check out State Street and test out the beverage Wisconsin is best known for (no, not talking about chocolate milk). Go to an establishment and order a Spotted Cow, trust me, it will be worth it!

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