ICSA / Gill Coed Dinghy National Championships - Wednesday Update from the Minneapolis Airport

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Unfortunately I could not stay with the sailing team in Wisconsin but I had to get back to the D.C. area.  It seems the wind on Lake Mendota is being uncooperative yet again and only three races have been completed. 


In the A Division, Charlie Buckingham and Alex Taylor seemed to struggle with the windless waters a bit and took 17th and 13th place, respectively, in races seven and eight. 


In the seventh race of the B Division, Marco Teixidor and Ashley Phillips garnered a third-place finish keeping the Hoyas in the top four overall. 


It looks as though the boats have come in for a bit.  I have about a half hour before I board my next flight so I probably will not blog again - but if you want updates, just use the following link:


Updated Results courtesy of ICSA

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