Summer At Last!

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Hey there Hoya fans, I know I haven't check in for a bit but I promise you that everyone around here has been getting a much-needed breather.  A lot of people ask what we do over the summer, some think we are on the same schedules as teachers getting a summer vacation.  While that luxury isn't the case, it has slowed down a bit around here...

Summer means a lot of things in an athletic department.  It means the end of actual home or away contests for a few months and the departure of many coaches as they recruit, coach camps, take vacation, etc.  We, unfortunately, don't have a camp to go coach (although we've always talked about starting SID Camp) but we are able to step back and start completing projects that were pushed aside throughout the year.

News still happens in the summer so we keep normal hours but instead of churning out releases we spend our days updating bios and stats.  We try to clean up the office and go through our desks preparing for next season.

Probably the nicest thing about summer in athletics are the hours.  We are no longer plugging away at a game story at 2 a.m. or finishing game notes at midnight when we leave for a road trip just a few hours later.  Instead, we work 9-5 and even get time to actually go somewhere for lunch instead of eating at our desks!

The relaxed atmosphere in the summer makes up for some of those long three-week stretches during the school year without a day off.

So to the student-athletes, I hope you enjoy your summer vacation because even though I am still at work, I know I am! 

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