Can You Keep Up With Bumbi?

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No, I don't mean in a distance race ... I'm going to assume few of the readership can keep up with Bumbi.  I'm talking about his blog!  Former Hoya and seven-time All-American Andrew Bumbalough (Bumbi) is in Europe for the summer finishing up the outdoor track & field season.  Keep up with him on his blog!

Bumbi's Blog

Last we read, Bumbi was headed to Belfast according to BumbisBlog.  He has had quite the trip - hitting up some major cities like Amsterdam and Dublin and also spending time in much more remote towns in Europe.


I definitely recommend his blog for some leisurely reading and to keep up with one of our most-decorated student-athletes in recent history!


See below for one of my favorite photos of Bumbi - taken at the 2008 BIG EAST Outdoor Track & Field Championships! (Photo Credit: Rafael Suanes)

Andrew Bumbalough - 2008 BE Outdoor.jpg


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Great stuff. Thanks for calling out to Bumbi's blog. Without it I had trouble following Andrew's progress in Europe (although I think I got the results of all the races he has run over there). This gives an insider's perspective.



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