One Less Lonely Girl

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If you clicked on this blog entry solely because it is the title to a Justin Bieber song, congratulations you are now one of my favorite Georgetown/Bieber fans!  While being the fan of Justin Bieber may be embarassing for a late-20's professional  such as myself, I see it as being down with what the "kids" are listening to these days.

This blog may sound like an ode to Bieber, but in fact the title describes my status in the office today.

We are getting to the final days of summer around here where we have to get back to reality and start cooking up the fall game programs.  These next few weeks will be the last of bliss and going out to lunch instead of a hurried meal at our desk until next June so we have to savor it.

Mex, Diana and Ryan have all taken vacation today making the office a lonely place.  When I came in this morning, the lights were off and the door was locked telling me it would be an incredibly lonely day!  However, I was one less lonely girl later as I saw the smiling face of ticket guru Julia Gaudet stroll in.

Julia was quickly followed by Meagan Barry from basketball, my boss Shap, some men's lax coaches and even soccer coach Brian Wiese himself.  What looked like a lonely day has become a who's, who of some of my favorite co-workers!

There isn't much to report here, we are finishing up camps for one sport to go right into the next.  Most of the department is trying to sneak in vacation this July so it will be quiet but sometime that is better since it allows us to get more done.

So to those on vacation today, don't worry, I'm not sitting here alone and depressed at my desk dreaming of discussing the LeBron Decision or Sunday's World Cup Final.  No, instead, I'm having a nice little Friday putting up a few releases and catching up on soccer.  Come Monday (or whatever day everyone will be back) you'll all be playing catch-up while I lounge in my cube with a cold Diet Coke and maybe a treat from Hoya Snaxa.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we'll see you next week!  And now for your viewing pleasure, Mr. Justin Bieber himself...


UPDATE- 12:30 p.m. Staff members just walked in a began to wrestle, today is getting our of hand quickly

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Dear Sports Info Barbara,

"One Less Lonely Girl" by Justin Bieber is a strong song choice, not only for your situation, but for the late-20's urban professional female.

Though, the smooth in me suggests something like "Eenie Meenie" by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston (You're welcome) to get what sounds like a flourishing dance party off the ground.

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