A Little Help from my Friends

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On Tuesday evening, Diana Pulupa and I attended SneakerBall VII volunteering for the Greater Washington Sports Alliance.  It was a wonderful event that raised money for the foundation and celebrated some of the best athletes D.C. has to offer. 

It also allowed us to wear fancy dresses with our favorite pair of Nikes which was probably the Shoes.jpgbest part in both of our minds.  As you can see we showed the Nike love, but also kept it classy with the pink shoes and laces to complement our black dresses.

All of this volunteering got me to thinking about how much we rely on the kindness of others in athletics.

We have a wonderful staff of workers who work for free and help keep this place running.  In almost every department within athletics there are unpaid interns that do some of the most boring and tedious jobs, but also some of the most important jobs.

An example is our grad assistant Haley who is part of the sports industry management program here on campus.  Last year, she volunteered with us to collate men's basketball trading cards.  Trust me, this is a terrible, tedious job but it needs to be done every year.  Shockingly, she actually wanted to return and volunteered with us over the summer. 

She is now one of our full-time graduate assistants and oversees volleyball.  Haley, along with many of our other students in sports information and in athletics, is gaining valuable experience.  Her responsibilities are much more than those the average graduate student (no going out to get us coffee and bagels every morning) and we are hoping she will be able to take what she's learned and the contacts she has made and get an awesome job when she completes her degree.

Many of us here in athletics constantly hear, "You're job is so cool!  I love sports, I'd love to do that."

And despite the looooong hours and frustration that comes with not having a weekend off until June, most of us do love our jobs.  However, all of us got our foot in the door by volunteering at events, collating trading cards, picking up someone's dry cleaning, etc. 

So to all of the sports industry management students out there who are starting their careers (and to younger kids looking to break into this industry) all I can tell you is, volunteer everywhere you can.  Most organizations need the help and can't afford to pay someone and you'll meet people that will most likely help get your first job.  Your help is invaluable to them and the experience is invaluable to you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, men's soccer is at Princeton on Friday and at home against Penn on Sunday (I'm in PR, I have to plug my team!)  Come out and enjoy a great Fall day at North Kehoe Field!  

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