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It's GAMEDAY! Chuck Timanus, the voice of Georgetown football that some of you may be tuning in to hear on later this evening (IT'S FREE TONIGHT!!!), and I are sitting watching various college football games, while going over a few last minute notes in preparation for tonight's game.

We've gone over pronunciations of the players names, talked some Georgetown football history and then talked about some of the players that he thinks have the potential to be game changers for the Hoyas this year. To give you all a heads up you may here him talking about the importance of RB Chancellor Logan on offense and safety Wayne Heimuli on defense tonight.

Some may feel like devoting a decent portion of time to talking about the likelihood of different things happening, will only jinx it. For instance, we talked this morning for a while about the last time a Hoya returned a punt or kick for a touchdown or scored on their first drive or shut out an opponent.  Maybe that time spent ensures that it doesn't happen, but it is a vital part of prepping a broadcaster on a game day, especially when noting the possible excitement in the return game provided by freshman SLOT and punt returner Zack Wilke, who had a 95 yard kickoff return for a touchdown and a 71 punt return for touchdowns as a high school senior last season. FYI, Jesper Ihezie was the last Hoya to return a kickoff in for a touchdown in 2004 against Lehigh and Chris Jordan was the last to return a punt for a touchdown in 1996. Maybe we're due.

There is definitely a sense of excitement for tonight's game. If it was up to offensive coordinator David Patenaude we might have met Davidson halfway during our trip yesterday and played in a parking lot. Pretty sure Davidson would not have gone for that. Would've been tough for the fans since most parking lots I saw on our trip did not have stands.

During yesterday's bus trip yesterday we stopped over at Elon University, for lunch and to stretch out. Following lunch Elon Head Football Coach Pete Lembo, a proud four-year starter and captain for Georgetown's football team in the early 90's talked to the guys about the importance of team and encouraged the guys to go out today and "GET IT RIGHT." It was a pretty moving speech that got everyone hyped up. While I don't have any effect to what happens on the field it did make me want to get on the bus and work on my game notes harder, which I was able to do, while also keeping up with our bus trip double feature of Rambo and Anchorman.

Back to the present. As I type, we're about two hours away from departing for Richardson Stadium from our hotel in Charlotte. The weather is fantastic, it promises to be a great night for a game and I think the players and coaches are just excited to be going up against someone who is not wearing the same uniform. Make sure to tune in for all the action with Chuck Timanus starting at about 5:55 p.m. Again, it's free!

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