Hoya Insider is Back!

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Hoya Insider is back!  After a summer-long hiatus Hoya Insider is back and better than ever!  We've decided to change some things around this year.  We know that fans anticipated the new show every Thursday with the fine hosting of Meredith Cox and Kortney Robinson, but this year it's going to be a bit different.

To give fans their fix of GU Athletics every day of the week, we have decided to post a new segment each day.  Some of the segments this year include This or That, 30 Seconds With, The Ultimate Number and TIAA-CREF Georgetown Champion in Life.

You can view yesterday's inaugural post on the football page and see today's post on the field hockey page as we go from team to team.  Like usual each new video will be posted on the front page.

We're really excited about our new developments for this year!  We hope to be producing more content at a higher quality to make the fans feel even more connected to our student-athletes.

Another element we are changing is the use of hosts.  Although there will be a host from time to time we are attempting to do more segments without a host allowing the personalities of each student-athlete to shine through.

With such success so early in the season, we hope the new format for Hoya Insider will enhance the Georgetown fan's experience.  As usual, if you have any feedback please send it our way because we love suggestions on how to improve and how to make the fans feel more connected to campus no matter where you are in the world.

Be sure to check out our videos and Hoya Saxa!

30 Seconds with Annika Bannon  

Georgetown Football This or That

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