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I know no one believes it, but basketball season is just around the corner.  While we have been pumping up soccer, volleyball and football games, the basketball teams are making their final arrangements for the season.

October is probably the second-craziest month of the year for any SID that does basketball.  It is usually in the midst of conference play for your fall sport, but you have to spend half of each day on basketball stuff preparing for the season.

There are photo shoots to hold, interviews to do, media guides to create, game programs to design, websites to update and too many more things to list here.  It is a delicate balancing act that usually results in late nights, weekends and eating lunch at our desks.  It's an exciting time preparing for Midnight Madness and the first game, but it is also incredibly busy.

We released both the men's and women's schedules last Friday.  I'll let Mex or Shap speak to the men's schedule since that is their sport, but I can say that I am so pumped for the women's schedule this year.

In the schedule release, we have to write the facts clearly and without emotion.  But in the blog I can talk about how excited I am to see how we'll match up to Tennessee, or that we've added a BIG EAST game in December.  I know a lot of people have the Maryland game as the go-to matchup, but if you saw last year's BIG EAST Tournament you'll know that Georgetown/Rutgers is going to be one heck of a game.

I have to get to three more video shoots today so I've got to go.  Even though basketball is cooking and soccer is in the middle of the season, I still have tennis and cross country to attend to so I'll see everyone next week.  Go Hoyas!

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