So You Want To Be A Hoya

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By Brian McCallister - (a sophomore member of the Georgetown Diving Team)

Editor's Note: This is the first of what we hope will be many blogs from our Swimming and Diving team on the Hilltop. Brian McCallister, today's author, is a transfer from American University and will touch on his experiences and pride relating to the Georgetown experience.

Okay, so maybe you don't even know what a Hoya is, don't worry, I only had vague ideas myself before New Student Orientation (NSO) pounded its legacy into my identity during my first days here at Georgetown. Just know that if you do one day decide to join the Hoya family, you'll soon understand that being a Hoya holds a very special meaning to our community. It represents an elite privilege, unparalleled by most distinctions you'll come to enjoy throughout your life on the that is, unless of course you're a Clinton.


But before I get all emotional talking about my love for this Hilltop and The Spirit of Georgetown- yet another dogma for which we all work so hard to emulate in our every action- I want to take some time and focus on what you can expect when you get here: Ahhhhh yes, the stereotypes. For one, Jane and Joe Hoya do exist; they wear Ralph Lauren, Polo of course, have estates in New England, and their parents are just as good-looking as they are.  You'll see them, in most part, enroute to class, The Tombs, or my personal favorite, the gym, calmly typing on or staring at their Blackberries through the polarized lenses of their designer Ray Bans. Again, don't worry they won't bite. Georgetown has a reputation for the friendliness of its students. Almost everyone gets along with each other. And outside of varsity athletic teams, cliques don't really exist. Why you ask? Besides the lack of Greek life, and thank God for that, "Everyone's a Hoya!" There's a place for everyone here. But most importantly, everyone who's a Hoya loves being one. And if you don't know now, you'll quickly learn that intolerance is not tolerated within our community and faculty members-yes, including even your toughest professors­-in any of its mediums: religious, cultural, socioeconomic, racial, or sexual. Sure you might here the phrase "That's so Georgetown" on an hourly basis, but it's one of the many ways us Hoyas poke fun at each other, or at least that's what I've been told.

Being that this is my very first blog (I know its hard to tell), I want introduce myself so you know where all of this crazy talk is coming from. My name is Brian McCallister. Feel free to friend me. I'm a sophomore transfer from American University-also located in the District- so I can help with any questions about that painstakingly awesome process. I'm a business administration and finance double major, minoring in, also to my surprise as I can imagine yours, physics. On a side note, Georgetown lets you build your own degree, which is to most students a huge selling point. I'm also an athlete. I'm a member of the men's varsity swimming & diving team, and love every second of it. Sports are a huge part of the lives of students here, whether it be varsity, intramural, club, or recreational. You'll almost always be able to convince someone to go on a run, hit the racquetball court, or take a spin class with you, for example. I'm from a little town just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico called Rio Rancho. So if you're from a far-away place like me, chances are you'll run into someone from your area before you know it (yes, even the international and exchange kids too). I think a large part of what make this community so united is, paradoxically, how diverse we are. So I hope you like accents different from your own, because often the professors too have traveled from their own far away place to the Hilltop.

Bahh, look at the time, it seems I've let it slip away. That tends to happen a lot during your college years, so enjoy and relish in the small things that make college life a very special and short-lived experience. Tata for now, I'll be looking forward to chatting with you again

So until then, sweet DREAMs and Georgetown forever

Get excited


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