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Good Morning Georgetown Football Blog Readers!! (if it helps I'm saying that in my Robin Williams from "Good Morning Vietnam" radio voice).

Each of our road games this season has been some kind of big weekend for our opponent. For Davidson, Lafayette and Yale it was each school's opening game. We were at Colgate for Homecoming and now its Family Weekend at Sacred Heart!

Chuck Timanus, the radio voice of the Hoyas (who you can listen to by CLICKING HERE) and I are sitting here in the Sacred Heart press box, in sunny, but chilly Fairfield, Conn. Today marks the second game this season the Hoyas have played against a Northeastern Conference opponent, with the first being the 22-16 double overtime heartbreaker against Wagner at Multi-Sport Field two weeks ago.

So far, the Sacred Heart public address system has played a steady dose of Bruce Springsteen, which has been just fine with GU Tight Ends Coach Kyle McAllister. McAllister, a New Hampshire native, mentioned that he did not need to be from New Jersey to recognize the greatest rocker of all time. Chuck Timanus put in his vote for Bob Seger, but so far we have not heard "Like A Rock" or any other Seger classics today. (I'll keep you informed).

It is also our second trip to Connecticut this season, having played a few moments away at Yale on Sept. 18. If you remember that game, it was a crazy Connecticut homecoming weekend, as Conn. natives Keerome Lawrence (New Haven, Conn.) had a 100+ yard receiving performance, Jeremy Moore (New Haven, Conn.) returned a kick-off for an 85-yard touchdown and John O'Leary (Stamford, Conn.) caught a touchdown pass. Hopefully we'll see some similar performances today.

Speaking of Jeremy Moore, while the sophomore cornerback has made his presence felt on defense averaging 1.00 pass defended per game, good for third in the Patriot League, and 1.14 tackles for loss per game, fourth in the league, he has been extremely valuable as a kick-off returner. Moore is second in the Patriot League averaging 28.9 yard per return, a number that would rank as the top single-season average yards per return in program history.

In other football-related news, junior CB Jayah Kaisamba and senior left tackle Dan Semler will be back in the lineup today after missing a week. Kaisamba is tied for the PL lead with four interceptions and 11th in NCAA Division I FCS averaging 0.67 INT's per game.

Last weekend, Nick Parrish registered 14 tackles to become the first Hoya to surpass 300 tackles. Parrish is currently sixth in the PL averaging 8.6 tackles per game. With four games left he is certainly not done making his all-time tackles record at Georgetown mighty tough for the next guy to catch.

About the trip: Our trip to Sacred Heart meant we stayed at the Trumbull Marriott for the second time this season, which is fine with all of us support staffers. The restaurant at the hotel, J. Porter's, serves a maple smoked bacon wrapped meat loaf that earns my vote as "Best On-the-Road Meal" of the season. Athletic Trainer Christina Nistler would likely agree if asked.

I'll have more football related info (along with random observations from Sacred Heart) as we move along, so you should probably just keep this window open and hit refresh every now and then...updates will appear after the jump.  

The steel drums being played directly behind us give this place sort of a Caribbean feel and makes it about five degrees warmer than the 54 degrees that is telling me it actually is. Anyway here are Georgetown's starters for the game.

On Offense:
QB Scott Darby
RB Philip Oladeji
WR John O'Leary - has scored three touchdowns in four games played
LT Dan Semler - back after a one week absence
LG Donald Rhodes
C Kevin Sullivan - will start his second consecutive game at center
RG Erik Antico
RT Rob Bates
TE Michael McIntyre
Slot Keerome Lawrence
WR Patrick Ryan

On Defense:
DE Danny Thompson Jr.
DT George Cullen
DE Andrew Schaetzke
OLB Robert McCabe
ILB Nick Parrish
ILB Patrick O'Donnell
OLB Jeremy Grasso
CB Jayah Kaisamba - back after a one week absence
CB Jeremy Moore
SS Wayne Heimuli
FS David Quintero

Special Teams:
PK Brett Weiss
P Matt MacZura

Coin Toss Time: The Hoyas have won the coin toss and will defer to the second half.

15:00 Sacred Heart returns the kick out to the 29 yard line, where they will start the game's first drive...An incompletion on first and a Nick Parrish tackle to limit the screen pass to three yards brings up third and seven...Another dropped pass by the Pioneers forces a quick three and out...Zack Wilke is back to receive at the Hoyas 35.

13:54: Chance Logan gets the first carry of the game for GU and picks up two yards to the Hoyas 47...Darby's second down attempt over the middle to Keerome Lawrence is incomplete...Jeremiah Kayal makes a catch about a yard short of the first down...The first excitement of the day on fourth down Keerome Lawrence running out of the wildcat keeps it and picks up 10 yards for a first down...Lawrence on the next play, still in the wildcat, pitches to Chance Logan for 28 yards down to the SHU six yard line.

10:23: The Lawrence reverse pitch to Zack Wilke was sniffed out by the Sacred Heart defense. It was a play very reminiscent of the Hoyas first touchdown of the season against Davidson that went to Brandon Durham. The Hoyas will settle for a 27 yard field goal from Brett Weiss to take a 3-0 lead.

9:52: Brett Weiss' booming kick goes about five yards deep into the end zone as the Pioneers will down it and start at the 20 yard line...Georgetown's defense has not given up much. The Pioneers will go three and out on the second drive and punt to the Hoyas 39 yard line where they will start the second drive.

8:06: Scott Darby finds a little running room to pick up nine yards and Chance Logan plunges through the middle to move the chains for GU...The Hoyas are using several different offensive formations to establish the run this week. So far, it's working...Kenny Furlough just caught a screen pass and went 12 yards for another Hoyas first down...Jeremiah Kayal just made his second reception of the day, this time a 22 yarder for another first down...The Hoyas are moving the ball however the want, as Dalen Claytor picked up 16 yards on a carry up the middle and Scott Darby finished the drive with his third rushing TD of the year from a yard out. Brett Weiss' extra point makes it GEORGETOWN 10, SACRED HEART 0.

5:34: Brett Weiss continues to impress on kick-offs with his second touchback of the day...Sacred Heart just picked up their first first down of the day on Dale Fink's completion to Rich Rossi...Greg Ibe picked up the second 1st Down on an 11 yard rush, before Andrew Schaetzke batted down Fink's pass at the line...Jeremy Grasso and Schaetzke put pressure on Fink again, but he was able to get the ball downfield to Chris Nahat for another first down putting the ball at the GU 36...Another Fink scramble away from Schaetzke, who applied heavy pressure opened up another completion to the GU 17...Schaetzke and Wayne Heimuli won't let Fink get away this time, with a sack and loss of 10 yards back to the GU 27.

1:48: Kyle Miller almost came away with an INT on a tipped pass. The Hoyas also stuffed a Sacred Heart rush to force a Jesper Fredriksson 39 yard field goal attempt...Fredriksson gets it to hook in to put the Pioneers on the board. GEORGETOWN 10, SACRED HEART 3 with 1:09 in the first.

0:54 GU Drive Starts at their own 31 after Sacred Heart plays keepaway from Jeremy Moore (I wonder if they read my notes). Scott Darby with time running down converts a 3rd and 8 with a rush for about 10 yards as we come to the end of the first quarter with the score GEORGETOWN 10, SACRED HEART 3.

15:00: On the first play of the quarter Philip Oladeji found a hole in the middle, but the ball was knocked out of his hands, as Sacred Heart recovers at their own 49.

14:03: The Hoyas defense has returned to early first quarter form, stuffing Sacred Heart on three plays. Fink comes out on fourth down, appearing as if they will go for it, but punts down to the Georgetown four yard line. Great play by the Pioneers.

12:58: Darby completes the first pass out of his own end zone to John O'Leary to about the 10 yard line. Oladeji carries for a few to bring up 3rd and 3. Darby's pass attempt downfield to Keerome Lawrence is picked off by Alex the Pioneers the ball a GU's 32.

11:53: And just like that we have a tie ball game. Fink finds Garry Coles on a 32 yard strike across the middle. The play was similar to the one that Max Waizenegger has scored on twice this season...GEORGETOWN 10, SACRED HEART 10.

11:17: The Sacred Heart crowd has even more life after the defense has forced the Hoyas to go three and out. Matt MacZura punts for the first time and will give the back to SHU at their own 48 yard line.

9:40 Dale Fink is going back to work with a long completion to Rossi and then a scramble and what looked like a desperation throw across the field that was almost picked off by Robert McCabe, but was completed to Chris Nahat to the Hoyas five yard line. Garry Coles just got into the end zone again for his second TD of the day to give SHU a 16-10 lead pending the point after...Fredriksson nailed it and it is now SACRED HEART 17 - GEORGETOWN 10...This is one of the most severe momentum shifts I have seen.
8:45: Jeremy Moore may have just breathed some life back into Georgetown with a 40+ yard return to the SHU 47. O'Leary just made two straight catches for a GU first down to get the ball to the Sacred Heart 35...GU just called its first time out of the day.

6:35: Scott Darby just found Max Waizenegger for a 25 yard pickup down to the SHU 10 yard line. Though Logan, on the next play, was dropped for an eight yard loss bringing up 2nd and 18. 

5:15: Brett Weiss will come on to attempt a 32 yard field into the wind...Weiss nails it and is now 7-for-8 on the season. The score is now SACRED HEART 17 - GEORGETOWN 13 with 4:48 and Weiss set to kick to the Pioneers. 

4:33: Fink and the Pioneers will take over at their 24 yard line...Fink completes the first pass for seven yards, but Archer is stuffed for a loss of one to bring up 3rd and 4...Fink's pass to Rossi sails high, forcing Sacred Heart to punt. Zack Wilke is back at the GU 28. Wilke returns it to the GU35 where they will start with 3:23 in the first half.

1:22: GU will be forced to punt from the GU 48 yard line. Coles will make a fair catch at the SHU 17 with 1:17 on the clock in the first half.

0:57: Andrew Schaetzke just picked up his second sack of the game dropping Fink back for a 12 yard loss. GU calls its second time out of the half...Greg Ibe was run out of bounds by Jayah Kaisamba to stop the clock with 36 seconds in the half, bringing up a 3rd and 17. Sacred Heart will kneel on the final play to end the first half with the score SACRED HEART 17 - GEORGETOWN 13.

So Sacred Heart has a marching band, which is always a nice touch. They also play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, which is not only a great karaoke song, but a good one to rock out in the pressbox to. The hope was that Chuck Timanus and I would recreate the car scene from Wayne's World, though Chuck was busy updating all of today's listeners on scores from around the Patriot and Ivy League.

15:00 Jesper Fredriksson is set to kick to Wilke and Moore...Sacred Heart again squibs it through the middle, as Moore picked it up at about the 25 and returned it to the 35...Keerome Lawrence is under the center in the wildcat again with Gyasi Parrish and Chance Logan in the backfield and Tucker Stafford at tight end. Lawrence picks up five on the carry. Though GU is stuffed on the next two plays to bring Matt MacZura  on to punt. Sacred Heart is called for a block in the back on the return giving the Pioneers the ball at their own 10 yard line.

12:15: Fink picks up a big 3rd down conversion over the middle to Mark Uyeno to get the ball to the 26 yard line for a first down...Andrew Schaetzke and Danny Thompson Jr. are in on a sack to drop SHU back to the 20 yard line.

10:57: Just as I was hitting refresh on that note Fink completed a pass for 23 yards to Archer. Then Archer ran for another first down on the next play to move the ball across midfield...SHU's offense is looking like the Hoyas offense did in the first quarter...Wayne Heimuli just made a HUGE play knocking the ball out of the hands of Rich Rossi on what could have resulted in a big first down inside the GU 10...Fink connects with his target a play later to move the ball to the GU 22 for another 1st Down.

7:48: Jeremy Moore, after making a tackle was helped off the field by the training staff. Stephen Atwater...On the next play, Robert McCabe appeared to have the interception, but the referees say he stepped out of bounds before gaining possession. Fredriksson is on to attempt a 35 yard field goal...Fredriksson's field goal from 35 yards is good to make the score SACRED HEART 20 - GEORGETOWN 13...Dalen Claytor and Wilke are back to return the kick.  

6:30: Georgetown is stuffed on three consecutive plays and Matt MacZura's punt was blocked, as the Pioneers will take over possession at the GU 45 yard line...Fink just completed a pass to Tony Patterson down to the Hoyas 15 yard line. It seems that everything Fink throws up turns into a 10+ gain and a first down right now...Greg Ibe picked up another seven yards on the ground. If there was ever a time that GU needed a big play, now would be it, as Ibe just picked up another first down at the five yard line.

3:52: Patrick O'Donnell just got into the backfield to stop Ibe for a gain of zero and a Fink incompletion bring up third down from the five yard line. Fink throws it into the corner of the end zone for Rossi, who comes down with it, but out of bounds. Fredriksson is on to kick again, which he hits with ease for a 23 yarder.

Claytor and Wilke are back to receive for GU with 3:21 and down 23-13.

3:16: Sacred Heart recovers a GU fumble on the kick-off at the GU 35 yard line to take possession back.

1:59: One of the bright spots has been the play of Andrew Schaetzke. He broke through the line to put pressure on Fink again, forcing him to throw the ball out of the back of the end zone. Schaetzke and Thompson break through the line again, as Fink throws an incompletion. Fredriksson's kick will go wide right to lessen the damage of the GU turnover.

0:47: Isaiah Kempf is now in at QB completing passes to Logan and Kayal out to the GU 33. But a SHU sack and two incompletions will force MacZura on to punt. The Hoyas punt attempt will be blocked for the second time today, this time Chris Nahat will pick it up and run into the end zone for the touchdown. Fredriksson makes the extra point in the nightmarish 3rd quarter.

0:25 Jeremy Moore is back, which is good news. Though another bouncing kick-off will be picked up by Nathan Zimmel and returned to the 38 yard line.


15:00: Kempf was sacked on 3rd and 8 to open the 4th bringing on MacZura to punt again. Coles will make the fair catch at the SHU 28 yard line. 

12:45: Sacred Heart just crosssed the midfield line again and picked up another first down. Tony Patterson just made a one handed catch over the middle from Fink to get down to the 29 yard line. After some early drops, the SHU receivers have responded helping Fink to a 20-for-35 passing day for over 280 yards and two TD's.  

8:41 David Quintero just made a big play to break up a pass on a SHU 3rd down. Fredriksson will come on to attempt another field goal, which he makes with ease, approximately a 33 yarder to put SHU in front 33-13.

8:14: Isaiah Kempf just picked up a GU first down out to the 33 yard line, then completes a pass to Max Waizenegger who got popped but held onto the ball to set up a 2nd and 3 at the 40.  

7:01: Kempf just threw a beautiful pass to Max Waizenegger to get the ball to the SHU 25. Keerome makes a catch on the next play for another GU first down to the 13 of SHU.

6:11: John O'Leary just caught a three yard touchdown pass from Kempf. His fourth receiving touchdown in the fifth game he has played this season. Weiss' extra point makes it 33-20.

6:09: Georgetown attempted its first onside kick of the season, but Sacred Heart was able to recover near their own 45 yard line...It's 2nd and 14 at the GU 35, as the Hoyas call their first timeout of the second half...Robert McCabe puts pressure on Fink who shovels it out of bounds bringing up a 3rd and 14...Patrick O'Donnell gets credit for the sack and Georgetown calls its second T.O. to set up a 4th and 20.

4:10: Kempf and the Hoyas moved the ball out to the 43 yard line, but it was one yard short of where they needed to be to keep the chains moving. Sacred Heart will take the ball back at the 43 with under three minutes remaining on the clock. It looks as if they will be content to let the clock run out on the game.    

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