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Hey Hoya fans, I'm sitting at lovely Reeves Field here in the District preparing for the men's soccer contest at American.  Kickoff is schedule for 3 p.m. so we're just minutes away.  Make sure to stick with the blog throughout the game for periodic updates after the jump as you refresh your screen.  A pay-per-view webcast is also available at the American athletic website.  Enjoy!

We're four minutes from kickoff so here is some background on the series.  Unfortunately, Georgetown has not had success in recent meetings but we're hoping they turn it around today.  The Hoyas are 21-29-3 all-time against the Eagles but have lost the past two meetings.  After allowing seven total goals in the past two meetings, be certain that Georgetown Head Coach Brian Wiese has gotten his team hyped up for today.

Georgetown has won its past two games including a 1-0 victory over No. 21 West Virginia.  However, American is no slouch with a 5-4 record and a 2-0 mark in the Patriot League.

The teams have headed to the benches to change into their uniforms so get ready for some exciting soccer action!

2nd Half

0:00- Hoyas win!  Georgetown wins by a score of 3-2!

2:49- Christianson was just taken down hard and a yellow card was issued.  The Hoyas are taking their time trying to hold onto the lead in the final minutes

5:26- GOOOOOOOOOAL!!!  Freshman Steve Neumann finds the back of the net from the right post after a great cross from Andy Riemer.  Riemer has been working hard all game so its nice have him get a point and Neumann has been consistent the past few games Georgetown 3, American 2

6:26- Georgetown just had a textbook run down the right side that involved both Ibu Otegbeye and Riemer overlapping, Ibu served it into the box but no one could connect

12:37- A Brilliant save from Brutto who stopped the shot from an Eagle who had beat his man, AU coach Todd West even looked over at the table and exclaimed what a great save it was, that was a close one

13:10- Scary play in the box as Brutto punches away a corner but allows the ball to be batted around in front of the net

18:33- American is looking energized as the minutes tick away, the coaching staff has subbed out our forwards to get some new legs in and hopefully spark something

28:00- Emotions fly after the goal as Jose Colchao is given a yellow card as is an AU player after a tough foul and retaliation

28:12- AU ties is up on a tough play.  A shot hit the post and went right to the feet of Alassane Kane, AU's leading scorer, who put it back in for the goal

32:26- Georgetown just had a GREAT opportunity, C'deBaca hit the post in a very open shot and they've looked dangerous

35:15- Georgetown corner, the Hoyas have been offensive-minded to open the half

45:00- And we're back in action with the same starting lineup as the first half, another goal for the Hoyas would really give the squad some breathing room.

1st Half

1:00- Some scary moments at the end of the half as Brutto punches out the shot on the corner kick, the defense has done a great job of clearing the ball but AU's aggression shows how physical the second half will be.  Back in 15 minutes!

6:42- Diving header from Muller on goal off of the set piece, the keeper made the stop but that's really been Muller's bread and butter this year 

9:32- Just as I said, American is not backing down, off of a corner David Menzie hits it back across the face for the goal into the left corner, GU leads 2-1

11:36- Christianson takes a hard shot forcing Makowski to dive for the save, Makowski is not happy with his defense after that play

12:44- An American free kick almost goes in as Nick Kapus' shot sails inches above the crossbar, Georgetown shouldn't be content in this grudge match as AU can come back at any time

14:36- ANOTHER HOYA GOAL!  Neumann redirects a shot back into the net after Gabe Padilla took a shot on the left side.  The play was started, however, by Ian Christianson who had some nice footwork to free up Padilla and suck in a defender.  Christianson and Padilla were both credited with the assist and Neumann gets second goal of the season dspite the AU coaches arguing offsides

16:33- The forwards have been working hard up front, Colchao and Riemer will come off the field replaced by the freshman duo of Steve Neumann and Gabe Padilla

18:09- Another shot by Davin, this one further out but Brutto once again makes the save

19:10- American just had it's first big chance as they team broke down the defense finding a hole right in the middle.  Jamie Davin took the shot from the top of the box, but Brutto managed to get down for the save

23:20- The midfield is really making a difference today, Brutto and the defense have had to do very little as the midfield has really worked to stop any attacks.  The Georgetown backs have looked good clearing the ball out of the box

30:55- Colchao just had a strong shot in the box, Georgetown is really aggressive on offense today, they've been making the keeper work

32:20- Jimmy Nealis has a low long shot that is saved on and on the next play a nice combo in the box by C'deBaca and Colchao result in a dangerous look for Chandler Diggs

33:20- Dangerous play from the Eagles after a serve from the right side and a header toward the net.  Brutto easily collected it but American is looking for the equalizer immediately

35:33- GOAL!! After the restart on Riemer's foul, Georgetown took it out of the air and countered.  Seth C'deBaca found Jose Colchao on the right side who had a seemingly clear shot to the left corner of the net.

36:04- Andy Riemer has had a lot of contact early on, he was just whistled for a hard foul and on offense the Eagles have been all over him

39:00- American had the first look of the game with the shot going wide left after a decent counter attack

45:00- Kickoff, Georgetown controls the pace early


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