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Well fans I am exhausted and I didn't even play basketball today!  Wednesday was another beautiful day in paradise filled with a little bit of basketball and a lot of relaxing. 

We started the day with practice at the Antilles School.  Everybody looked much better than yesterday's practice following our long flight.  Things really seem to be clicking and the girls are excited about playing.  We travel everywhere in our open-air taxis and this facility was located way up so we had a nice drive just getting to and from practice.

 When we got back and had some breakfast, it was time for a quick change to head out on the water for the day.  Athletic Trainer Melissa Robinson and I always pride ourselves in being the only two redheads on the trip, but today this quality really came in handy.  Melissa and I (along with new mom Lynn Newton, who seems to be prepared for almost everything) got out the sunscreen and made sure all of the girls were covered from head to toe.  Our experience with sun burns came in handy for once!

After we were certain everyone was protected, we boarded a catamaran and sailed out toward Turtle Grove just off of a nearby island.  Most of the team had never snorkeled before and a few were a bit timid in the water, but the activity turned out to be incredible for everyone!

All 13 girls along with some staff and manager Lauren Bryant jumped right and began snorkeling.  We saw a number of sea turtles as well as coral reef, sting rays and various tropical fish.  It was such an amazing experience and one I am certain everyone enjoyed.

The sail back was pretty quiet as most of the team was working on their tans and everyone was tired from the snorkeling and the sun.  Despite their exhaustion, I have a sneaking suspicion and few got off the boat and went straight to the pool to continue to get a tan.  If you don't tell Coach Flo, I won't either!

Later that evening, we boarded a gondola that took us to the top of the island to a restaurant called Paradise Point.  The gondolas fit only eight people at a time so we had to go in shifts, I don't think everyone was a fan of heights but it was a great view of the island.

Arriving at Paradise Point we watched a bird show before dinner which consisted of birds playing basketball, riding bikes, saying hello and even doing simple addition.  It was pretty impressive.  Dinner was very tasty and everyone was able to get some pictures of the view before we headed back down in the gondolas.

The girls finished the night off with a film session as they prepare of their first game of the tournament tomorrow against Georgia Tech.

See you tomorrow and Go Hoyas!   

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Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be watching you on GameTracker tonight!

Great job Lady Hoyas, I see Monica was busting and the ladies had great team play!!! Hoya Saxa!!!

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