Island Blog Day 4

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Repetition and consistency are always an important part of training.  Every team shoots shot after shot and runs drill after drill to make it perfect.  This consistency carries over to a team preparing for a game, trying to keep everything the same so there are no surprises and everyone is in their optimal playing mindset.

    Despite being in the islands and being surrounded by paradise, Friday was pretty much a typically game day.  We P1010390.JPGwent from a late brunch (after getting back to the hotel at almost midnight yesterday) to scout to shoot around to pregame meal about two hours before we departed for the arena.  This routine is a comfort to everyone on the road who know what to expect when.

Pregame meal was no different as we left the Thanksgiving celebration behind and had our usual chicken and pasta selection.  It's a comfort that no matter where we are, we play our game and do things our way.

The team is loose but focused, knowing we are here on a business trip as they prepare to face Missouri this evening.

Despite the relaxed day, it is still wonderful to work on game notes on a balcony overlooking the Caribbean or sit out at the pool talking to people back home, so we definitely can't complain!

Yesterday after the game, I spoke with Craig Jonas who is one of the head people at Basketball Travelers, Inc., and also doing play-by-play for the broadcast.  We had been joking that we were related since we had the same last name, but as soon as we met we realized we actually were related.  It's a very small world working in athletics and even smaller when you find second cousins at basketball tournaments in the islands!

  P1010391.JPGI'm not the only one to find people we know as Tia Magee seems to know someone from every team here and with West Virginia in the other bracket, there are familiar faces all over the hotel.

Finally, as I write this women's soccer is about to kickoff.  The girls were talking about the women's soccer team's run today at pregame and I think it's nice how the teams look out for one another.

So as we prepare for our game, we're thinking of women's soccer and hope they can bring home a W.  We'll also count our blessings that they're the ones in cold Columbus!  Good luck Hoyas and we'll see you tomorrow!

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