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Well it's not really an island blog since we're in the Miami airport waiting for our connection to BWI.  Also, I am well aware that I skipped Day 5, but there really wasn't much to say except a tough game and a lot of film sessions, shoot around, etc.  So now let's get to the good stuff,WE BEAT NO. 4 TENNESSEE!

After two not great games, we looked awesome on Saturday evening.  Let me just clear a few things up since I've been scouring the coverage of the game and I keep reading that we won because of Tennessee's poor performance instead of our great performance. 

First off it wasn't a fluke, we led the entire game and controlled the pace.  Secondly, for those that have seen her, Sugar just sometimes has performances like that, but it wasn't a career game for her.  Thirdly, their poor shooting and 29 turnovers weren't just due to a bad day, it was a byproduct of our intense defensive pressure.

Reading some of the stories I feel like people are still surprised that we are capable of performances like this, but this is the second time in a row that we have defeated the No. 4 team in the country.  The voters have taken notice and we're hoping local fans and media start paying attention as well!

Now that I've gotten all of that out, I can recap the game.  The atmosphere was fun with a great Tennessee crowd and a lot of locals that jumped on the GU bandwagon (where there is room for everyone, by the way).  After Georgia Tech won the early game, those at the scorers' table knew our contest was the championship.  However, we forgot to ever mention that to the coaches who didn't even realize we had won the tournament until after the game!

We started off well with Moni hitting a three and things just kept getting better from there.  All 13 players saw time on the court and everyone contributed, which is tough to do against such a good team (especially one with such a deep and talented bench).  Our pace and defense was just too much as we disrupted their offense and converted on the other end.

It was a fun game to watch, but I know that even in the last minute no one from Georgetown wanted to get excited.  A team like Tennessee can hit a few shots and make a big comeback in a short amount of time so our girls stayed focused for a full 40 minutes.

Following the game, it was nice to see the sportsmanship between the two teams as our coaches inquired about UT's injured player and both teams clapped for each other during the awards ceremony.  One thing we did notice was that all of the championship gear was orange.  Did the organizers have a guess at who they thought would win?  It's always fun to play the spoiler!

When we returned to the hotel, we had a group of fans waiting to welcome us and even cake with our late post-game dinner!  All in all, it was an amazing night and a day that the girls should be very proud of.

With just hours left, the girls woke up early on Sunday to catch some rays by the pool.  Then it was off to the airport for our flight from St. Thomas to Miami.  We had to be at the airport VERY early for customs so we had some time to kill.  The girls passed the time by putting on the DVD of the game and rewatching it in the waiting area. 

They were making fun of Sug for her celebration after a three and poking fun at Tia Magee for having her first block of the season.  However, biggest raves were for Lex's  tip-in which was an incredibly athletic play.

Now we're in Miami waiting for the final flight home.  It's been a long but fun trip and I think over these three games the team has learned a lot. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog, I'll keep writing from time to time on the road just to let people know about interesting happenings. I've gotten some good feedback on the blog and I'm hoping those who have been following decide to come out to McDonough for a game.  This is a very talented and exciting team to watch and I hope that through this blog you have also learned that they are a great group of role models and just good people to be around. 

See you on Wednesday against Richmond!

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