Nelly Hearts GU Women's Hoops & Other Pre-Thanksgiving Tidbits

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I'm no trailer writer, but I'm fully convinced you should want to read the blog based on the title alone.  It's Nelly ... as in Country Grammar and Just a Dream! You should definitely find out why he hearts GU Women's Hoops! 


So, before I start - let me tell you something that you already know.  It is a GREAT time to be a Hoya! What is usually my toughest transition in terms of the amount of work I have has been eased by all of the success that our fall teams have seen late in their seasons paired with the early success our winter teams have displayed!  Congrats to all of the student-athletes who have accomplished so much already this 2010-11 school year ... and it's still just November!


Nelly hearts GU women's basketball AND has the No. 2 hip hop / rap album on iTunes

So, we can all agree that the women's basketball team looks awesome on the court - how else do you get ranked in the top 15 in the country in both polls?  But, the Hoyas have something going for them that not everyone else has - they look good on the court and off.  Have you seen their poster? How about their brand new publication - the women's hoops gameday program?  All I have to say is that you may want to put on some sunglasses to see it - the bling could hurt your eyes.  Check out the poster and gameday program below:




If your eyes are hurting from the shine of that (trademarked in bling) Georgetown logo, then I caution you that Nelly went all GU women's hoops with his latest for iTunes only album art and I personally think it was his way of shouting out to the Hoyas.  Also, let's just put it out there that Nelly (as of late last week) had the No. 2 album on the iTunes hip hop / rap charts.  Don't get me wrong - once upon a time I purchased Country Grammar and I have no regrets ... but I wasn't really expecting Nelly to be this successful in 2010. 


  Nelly Getting his GU Women's Basketball On_Web.JPG 


GU women's basketball leaves Washington, D.C., for paradise

No, we have not lost our nationally-touted women's basketball team ... well, not for good at least.  The women's team will be spending Thanksgiving in the U.S. Virgin Islands as they compete in the Paradise Jam. The Hoyas traveled today and I would check for game coverage courtesy of Barbara "I can powerlift a couch in heels" Barnes.  Seriously, if you worked in this office, you would hear her bragging about this constantly ... and being the tallest person in the office.


Hello NCAAs, it's the Hoyas

Let's talk about our teams being all over the NCAA Championships lately!  Both men's and women's soccer teams and both men's and women's cross country teams qualified for the NCAA Division I Championships.  Men's soccer played hard and fell just shy in PK's last Sunday against North Carolina but our women's soccer team is still going and will travel to Ohio for the Elite Eight!  It may not be an "NCAA" event - but Charlie Buckingham was a national champion in the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association Singlehanded National Championship!  And I would be remiss if I didn't mention now six-time All-American Emily Infeld being the 2010 NCAA Cross Country Runner-Up!  She spent all season competing against eventual National Champion Sheila Reid and was able to close the gap to a mere 2.3 seconds on Monday.  Congratulations to Emily!  Check out an interview from FloTrack below:


Track and Field Videos on Flotrack


Yet another Justin Bieber-Hoyas Connection

I think it is no secret that this office hearts Justin Bieber's music.  I truly believe that Ryan Sakamoto takes the crown for Biggest Bieber Fan - or as we call him, the BBF.  You should also know that a lot of our publications are a direct collaboration between our office and a company in Norman, Okla., called Old Hat Creative.  I found out last week that the one and only "brother" of Justin Bieber, Todd Bieber, has been working at Old Hat going under the pseudonym "Teacup."  Check out the similarities: here.


Hope you've enjoyed my musings and I hope they carry you through a great holiday weekend.  We will of course be working as we have home men's basketball on Saturday and women's NCAA action on Friday along with Babs covering our women's hoops team.  Stay tuned to and the Hoya Insider Blog for all of your favorite up-to-date Hoya information!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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