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Today was a big day in the athletic department.  It was a Georgetown legend's going away party as we said farewell to Will Hill.

Will Hill was a part of the athletic department for 26 years and today was not only his retirement party, but his birthday!  He is seen as an unsung hero of the department.  Will worked in equipment and support services doing all of the little things behind the scenes to make this place go.

He worked long hours in a no-glory job, but did everything he could to help Georgetown Athletics.  One thing that will be missed is his trademark whistling through the hallways.  Some thought it was a mindless whistle, but many knew he did it to make his presence known through the McDonough Arena halls.

Today's party was a great celebration of a hardworking man who has touched the lives of so many student-athletes.  He had so many friends and co-workers come to the McDonough lobby today to celebrate his time at Georgetown.  One of his well-wishers was none other than John Thompson, Jr.

After joking with Will that this party interupted his nap, he gave a speech to those in attendance about what Will has meant to the department and the men's basketball program.  When there was very little support for Coach Thompson and the program, Will was one of the people working to bring the squad into the spotlight.  He thanked his for his hard work and for being a friend.

So to Will Hill, congratulations and a happy retirement!  Feel free to leave any Will memories in the comments.

In other news, it is Sports Information Guru Ryan Sakamoto's birthday today!  I won't tell you how old it is, but I can say it rhymes with dirty...

This weekend women's basketball has a big game on ESPN2 against St. John's.  The Hoyas need to keep going in the BIG EAST for postseason play so be sure to tune in at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Finally, the men play a team from M-Town (aka Milwaukee) this weekend.  Obviously my loyalty lies with the squad that writes my paycheck every two weeks but I am always excited when the Golden Eagles come to town to relive my college days.  Although he won't admit it, I know my boss also cirlces this game on the schedule...

So to the teams this weekend good luck and the Ryan and Will, happy birthday! 

Hoya Saxa!

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As we know that farewell party is a party you throw for someone who is leaving,so everyone can see them for the last time and say goodbye.You might give a farewell party to someone who is moving far away, or to a co-worker who has found a new job.During reading your post i cried so much as i feel that i am on the athletic department.Whats a great person Will was, who worked in equipment and support services doing all of the little things behind the scenes to make this place go.

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