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I'm a bit late to the party here, maybe it's still a leftover feeling from waking up a bit later than normal, or later than I had expected to.  It also didn't help that the wireless was down at Verizon Center for the better part of pregame this morning.  Thankfully, Gordon Armstrong, who oversees the IT department at The Phonebooth, was able to take care of things and get the internet access back up courtside just as the game started.

Perhaps the highlight of the morning had to have been the arrival of the pre-game at Verizon Center.  Our esteemed beat writer, Tarik El-Bashir, told a website blog that he doesn't usually eat food pre-game because of the timing of the game.  Well, if Tarik didn't bring an appetite today, he missed a darn good meal from Georgetown Catering.  A tip of the hat to Sarah Guixens and Georgetown Catering for the breakfast sandwiches and tater tots.  The equally esteemed television analyst, Bob Wenzel, said that we had the best press room food in the BIG EAST. I'll take that.

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