To Judge or Not to Judge...

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There has been a lot of talk about judging people in our office today.  While some of my co-workers have made it known that they never judge people and wouldn't fathom doing so, I'll be the first to admit that I judge a lot of things...all day... defines judge as

-To form an opinion of

-Decide upon critically

-To make a careful guess about, estimate

-To infer, think or hold as an opinion

I do this all day long whether it be the shade of another team's uniforms, materials sent by opposing schools, Marshall men's soccer winning second over our men's and women's soccer posters in the CoSIDA Poster Contest, etc.

I don't think it's a bad thing to have an opinion or express it so here are a few things that I'm judging today

1. Texas Tech students rushing the court after beating the Baylor women, excessive?  I think not.  I love to see students and fans getting excited about women's basketball and for an unranked squad to take down the No. 1 team in the country is a huge deal. 

2. Going with that, UConn back to No. 1 in the women's poll.  I think this is well deserved and the right way to go for the voters.  Yes, UConn lost a game but they have proven time and time again that they are the best team in the country.  Even the Huskies have a bad night every now and then and I believe they still deserved to be No. 1.  GU students, don't forget we'll be hosting No. 2 1 UConn on Saturday (see Judgement 1)

3. Women's lacrosse teams having multiple games in February.  I feel for spring sports because they start when it's cold and are always overshadowed by basketball until midway through their season.  Also, staffs seem to be so exhausted by this time of the year we typically can't give the effort that other sports get.  The Hoyas open the season on March 5 at home against Northwestern, that will be the Wildcats' fifth game of the season!  I don't feel our team will be rushed in getting in an appropriate number of games and I like that more games near the end means more attention to a sport that really deserves it.

4. Former Georgetown students wearing boat shoes with no socks into the office (when above 50 degrees).  Maybe this one is just for two people I know, but McDonough Arena is not a yacht and it is not in the Hamptons.  I'm sure these two would tell me that I shouldn't dress like I'm going to the gym when coming into work, but I feel that this look is a bit too preppy for a place of business (although they do look sharp, they just don't fit into the surroundings).

I think that is all the judging I can fit into this blog since I have to go do a tennis interview.  Don't forget that women's basketball plays Pittsburgh tonight and hosts Connecticut on Saturday at noon.  Huge games and we need everyone's support.  If it sweetens the deal, feel free to show up and judge my shoes... 

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I'd like to add one more thing that I like to judge:
Uniform numbers ... when you make the numbers on your uniform two-tone and a "1" looks like an "11" I judge your team and your equipment manager. I'm not going to call anyone out but the team name rhymes with "Shmillanova" and it was circa 2005 field hockey

As for your blog, I also enjoy judging (see above feelings on uniform numbers) but I do enjoy the "driving mocs/no socks" look made popular by many a prepster. That said, it is always appropriate to dress like you're going to the gym when you're actually at work ... it helps if you actually make it to the gym but that's not necessary.

Good luck to the women's basketball team against Pittsburgh!

Marshall beat you out on the soccer posters? I'm calling for a re-vote.

Judging people is part of human nature,and something that we all do.But when we start judging people for the wrong reasons,like how they look,or what their interests are,then we're simply being closed minded.On what basis do we have to judge a person as inferior,or wrong,or stupid,or whatever it is that we judge them to be? Is what a person chooses to wear really that important? Is it an accurate indication of what they're like as a person? In my opinion,it is not.To me,this just seems a shallow way to live.We've all heard it before,but the true value of a person really does lay within,and that's what I'm going to be basing my future judgements on.

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