GEORGETOWN LACROSSE GAMEDAY BLOG: Hoyas Take On No. 4 Duke at Koskinen Stadium

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Good morning Hoya fans (and other readers)!

We're about an hour and 15 minutes away from the opening face-off here at Koskinen Stadium in Durham, N.C. on the campus of Duke University. The Hoyas will be matching up with the No. 4 Blue Devils, winners of its last five, including wins against top-10 opponents Maryland and UNC.

I'm already in the pressbox, which is open-air and would be a beautiful place to view a game if not for the 40 degree temperature and wind. We're expecting rain here in Durham, as well. As soon as we walked off the bus (about 30 minutes ago) we were greeted by Jeremy Anderson, the game operations person we've been working with during our trip, who informed us of the possibility of lightning and the proper protocol if there are strikes nearby.

FYI: Both teams are to head to their respective locker rooms after a lightning strike. Play can resume 30 minutes after the last strike within 10 miles of the stadium.

With that being said, I'm going to get some more work done and make my move to acquire some starting lineups. I'll be updating throughout the game (unless of course rain and lightning make it impossible for me to keep my computer hooked up) so check back after the jump for updates from the game!

In the meantime here are today's game notes: CLICK HERE
As I promised here are Georgetown's starters for today's games with Duke:
Attack 6 Rickey Mirabito
Attack 44 Travis Comeau
Attack 5 Davey Emala

Midfield 10 Max Seligmann
Midfield 7 Brian Casey
Midfield 13 Zack Angel

Defense 43 Barney Ehrmann
Defense 17 Bobby Boyle
Defense 23 Dan Hostetler
(Hostetler will move up to LSM and 14 Chris Nourse will move back to close defense at times).
We are now just 16 minutes to face-off here at Koskinen Stadium!

Georgetown wins the opening face-off and just 29 seconds in Davey Emala scores to put GU in front 1-0! 

13:17: Dan Hostetler was just whistled for a slash to give Duke the extra-man opportunity, but the Hoyas kill the penalty, with Jack Davis making two saves (unofficial) in that time. Strong play by the defense to keep the Blue Devils from getting clean looks.

10:43 Bobby Boyle was flagged for holding, a 30-second technical foul. The Hoyas successfully kill another one! Duke did not manage a shot in the 30 seconds.

9:42: Zach Howell of Duke got the Blue Devils on the board, tying the score at one, bouncing a shot past Davis. 

8:45: Georgetown has not had possession for very long in this game. Part of the reason is how quickly they've scored. After causing a Duke turnover, the Hoyas cleared to Zack Angel who took a run at the cage, jumped and shot low past the Duke goalie to put GU in front 2-1.

6:45: Dan McKinney just blistered a side-arm shot  past the goalie from near the top of the box. GREAT SHOT for McKinney! GEORGETOWN 3, Duke 1 with the Blue Devils calling a time out.

6:20: Georgetown is looking pretty good right now as Davey Emala (currently leading the nation in goals/game) just scored again on the assist from Rickey Mirabito! Georgetown 4  Duke 1

2:12: Mirabito just faked his defender to the outside then beat him to the crease and shot past the goalie who couldn't do much. As I was typing that Gerry Reilly scored his second goal of the season right off the face-off to put GU in front 6-1!

1:39: Duke ends the Hoyas 5-0 run with a goal to make the score 6-2. Duke was just flagged for an unnecessary roughness penalty. GU has a one-minute man advantage.

0:19: Stu Shannon's shot was saved as Duke was unable to score on a fastbreak chance. After the shot Georgetown called a time out.

2nd Quarter:
14:48 Duke wasted little time scoring just 12 seconds into the second quarter to make it 6-3.

10:45: Davey Emala just scored his third goal of the game to put Georgetown in front 7-3. I've been  updating the goals, but it's worth mentioning how good Georgetown's defense has been today. Duke's ball handlers have been constantly pressured and forced into turnovers. 

9:33: Barney Ehrmann was just flagged for an illegal body check as the Hoyas will be tasked with killing another extra-man opportunity.

8:19: Travis Comeau just scored his first goal of the game on the assist from Ryan Shuler. But the creation of this goal has to be credited to the hustle play made by GU goalie Jack Davis. On Duke's fast break the Blue Devils Josh Dionne bounced a shot wide of the cage. Davis ran out of cage and beat two Duke attackmen to the endline to get possession for GU.

5:33 Josh Offit just got on the board for Duke to make the score 8-4. The Blue Devils won the ensuing face-off, but Davis made a save and GU is now in possession.

4:04: Georgetown uses a timeout. ** This has very little to do with game going on, on the field, but where I am sitting is basically in the top middle of the Duke cheering section. There is a very loud mother (who I can't see) but she sounds exactly like George Costanza's mother from Seinfeld! She is an uncanny voice double. I'm going to take a look in a second to see if it actually is. I'll let you know.

3:29: Duke just scored another one to cut the lead to 8-5. A dangerous Hoyas clearing pass was intercepted by Davis made a leg save. Georgetown's Chris Nourse was flagged for an illegal body check. Mrs. Costanza just yelled unreleasable for everyone that did not hear the official. Hoyas will try to kill another penalty.

0:32: Max Seligmann ends the Duke 2-0 run with an unassisted goal, making the lefthanded shot along the crease. Jack Davis stopped another shot as time runs out on the first half.
*It's now time for halftime youth lacrosse*

3rd Quarter
13:08 Christian Walsh opens up the half for Duke scoring on Jordan Wolf's third assist of the game.
11:57 Josh Offit scores his second of the game to close the GU lead to two, 9-7.
10:53: Yikes. Jordan Wolf just scored to put Duke behind 9-8, the closest they've been since 2-1, which was at the 6:45 mark in the first quarter.
9:45: Chris Nourse was just flagged for a slash. Another extra-man opp for Duke. They were 0-for-4 in the first half.

8:30: Gerry Reilly just scored a huge goal on the assist from Emala to end Duke's 3-0 run. Currently Mrs. Costanza is very unhappy with the quality of refereeing . The things she is saying would not be appropriate for a prime time NBC show.

1:50: Jordan Wolf scored again after picking up a ground ball in front of the Georgetown goal to bring Duke back within one.
4th Quarter
9:29: Josh Offit scored again and we nowhave the first tie since 1-1 in the first quarter.  But it looks as if GU will be getting a man-up opportunity.
7:40: Zach Howell gives Duke its first lead of the game at 11-10 with his second goal of the game.
6:06 Zack Angel was just flagged for pushing. 30-second man-up for Duke
4:10 Georgetown kills another one. But Duke's Jordan Wolf just scored all-even to put the Blue Devils on front 12-10. Mrs. Costanza is less angry.
INSIDE THE FINAL MINUTE: With Duke leading 13-10 Davey Emala and Rickey Mirabito each scored a goal, but it was too little too late.

Kinda rough to be on the losing end of this game with Duke and the matchup with Syracuse two Saturday's ago. Hopefully Georgetown can get back on the winning track this Friday against Navy.

Hope to see all of you there.

Final score of today's game Duke 14 Georgetown 12.

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