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The weather is certainly a lot nicer than what it would have been for the originally scheduled game time (yesterday at 3 p.m.). With the nice weather comes a nice crowd.

There are a ton of former Hoyas here today, including new Gridiron Club President Bruce Simmons, former President and current head of the mentorship program Jim Lenihan, as well as Ataefiok Etukeren, a few former No. 35's in Nick Umar and Nick Parrish (the program's all-time leading tackler in case you forgot). Also it is nice to see so many of this year's seniors, like Paul Sant'Ambrogio, who is sitting right in front of the pressbox. Dan Semler and Erik Antico are here, down the stands a little way is Keerome Lawrence, Danny Thompson, Jr., Gyasi Parrish and Philip Oladeji.

Probably a few hundred people in attendance as we get closer to the start of the game, a nice crowd considering the game is traditionally on the same day as the team's award banquet, which was held yesterday.

Georgetown's new captains are SLOT Jeremiah Kayal and safety Wayne Heimuli. Kayal will not play today, but Heimuli is suited up on the blue (defensive) sideline. The offense will be wearing gray.

I'll be back with more from today's game after the jump...


Just saw Brett Weiss sitting in the stands watching. He is not available for the spring game today due to the men's lacrosse game at 3:15 p.m.

On the third drive Scott Darby found Zack Wilke for about 15 yards after Wilke spun around a defender to pick up a few extra.

On the very next play linebacker Sean Campbell got into the backfield quickly to blow up a hand off attempt between Darby and Claytor. Darby picked up the fumble, but it was the kind of play that the coaching staff will enjoy seeing from the freshman linebacker next season as they try to fill the shoes of Nick Parrish, Pat O'Donnell and Paul Sant'Ambrogio

Aaron Aiken is taking the snaps with the second team offense with Mose Hogan III at RB. Aiken just ran the option, making the pitch to Hogan who picked up enough for a first down, but a holding penalty has backed the Hoyas up. It is tough to make out exact yardage with the field lined for lacrosse and absent of yard lines and hash marks.

The first quarter has just ended with the score tied 0-0.



The second quarter opened up with Matt MacZura punting to Zack Wilke. MacZura, making his second of the day boomed another one that Wilke had to make a nice play on to receive. Isaiah Kempf will open with the first team offense.

On first down Malcolm Caldwell Meeks, who was named the team's most improved defensive player at yesterday's banquet showed why, intercepting a pass and returning it to what looks to be inside the 20. Aaron Aiken is back on the field with the second team offense. With the interception the first team defense just gave the second team defense a really short field to work with. I'm sure they're thankful.

Mose Hogan, who is making the move to RB from defensive back just had a nice inside run to pick up a first down for the white team.

PLAY OF THE DAY (so far). Aiken threw a beautiful pass to the back corner of the end zone and John O'Leary made a one handed catch, getting his feet down as he was falling out of bounds to score a touchdown for the second team offense. The PAT was wide right. The first team will now take over at the 35 yard line with Kempf under center.

First play of the drive Kempf finds Wilke on a screen pass, as Wilke finds a couple blockers and picks up approximately 20 yards on a nice run.  Nick Campanella, who has run strong all spring just picked up another first down for the first team offense with a strong move up the middle.

Nick Campanella got the players in the pressbox excited, catching a pass in the flat and making one person miss before dragging two more toward the sideline for about a 15 yard gain. A nice mix of power and speed on the last two players for Campanella. Georgetown's offense is now inside the 10 yard line.

It is now the defenses turn to hold steady, as it looked like Campbell and Nate Zimmel stuffed a screen pass to the left side. Though on fourth down Campanella followed a nice block from Daniel Sprotte into the end zone for the first team offenses first score. Kris Zabaloieff made the extra point for the first team (then had to go back to the defensive sideline).

Dan Lenihan (who is wearing No. 57 today) just batted down Aiken's first pass attempt. Lenihan will rejoined the team this spring after redshirting the fall season. The defense stuffed another run and forced an incompletion  as the second team was forced to punt.

The first team will start at its own five with 2:35 and counting left in the second quarter. Dalen Claytor made the move to the outside on his first carry of the drive to pick up a few and Kempf completed a pass over the middle to Campanella for a few more, but Kempf's third down pass fell incomplete as MacZura is back to punt again.

Aiken's first pass attempt was almost picked off by Dustin Wharton, who found himself in the right place at the right time. Jayah Kaisamba made a nice play to break up the second down pass attempt to Max Waizenegger. Hogan picked up a big chunk or yardage on third down and Aiken, trying to convert on fourth threw just a bit long for Jeff Burke as the first team will take over at their own 35.

Zack Wilke is having a nice day, catching another screen pass and turning it into first down yardage. Timothy Bayer ended the drive with an interception returning it to about the blue's 40 yard line.

Brandon Durham picked up about five yards on an inside hand-off as the clock ran out on the first half.


The first team is continuing to move the ball as Kempf found Jeff Burke to get down inside the 10 yard line. Then Dalen Claytor took the hand-off and ran untouched to the left side of the end zone for another touchdown for the first team offense. Claytor and Campanella have been fun to watch so far. The backfield should get even more dynamic in the summer/fall when Chance Logan returns from injury.

Scott Darby is under center with the second team, with a first play a hand-off to Hogan who broke a tackle in the backfield and ran for  a little over 10 yards (again the absence of hashmarks makes it hard to tell). Hogan was stuffed on the second attempt. On third down Darby rolled right and threw a beautiful pass that hit John O'Leary in stride down the right sideline for a 60-yard score. I think O'Leary has two touchdowns on two catches. Not a bad day for him. Devon Papandrew just made the extra point on a nice, quick drive for the second team offense.

Darby is staying on the field with the first team. The first down give to Campanella picks up a few yards. Darby rolled out, but Andrew Maliska was there quickly to pressure the throw, which fell incomplete in front of Kenny Furlough. Malcolm Caldwell Meeks stepped up big again, batting down Darby's pass to Stafford. David Conway on to punt for GU.

Walk-on Michael Carter is into the game for Georgetown and picked up about six on his first carry. A strong run from Carter has him a first down.

A lot of the 2010 seniors are in the stands today, including Nick Parrish, who will be talking to Mike Palmer of The Hoya momentarily about his preparations for a post-college football career.

Dustin Wharton picks off a pass for the defensive side, as the Georgetown defense continues to show signs of being strong for fall 2011! 

The game will end with about 5 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, as the staff here needs to make a quick changeover for today's 3:15 men's lacrosse game with Loyola (Md.). Plenty of impressive performances today from both the offense and defense.

Make sure to check back throughout the offseason for continuing Georgetown football news.

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