LIVE BLOG! 2011 Penn Relays - You Can Just Call Me "Georgetown"

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It's a nice cool day at Franklin Field with clouds rolling in and out and the temperature climbing no higher than 70 degrees today. The wind is bringing the clouds in and we are ready for an exciting day of track! I'm sitting next to Father John Pierce who has decided to call me "Georgetown" ... after the last hour of conversation, he finally asked my name and told him "Diana ... but you can keep calling me 'Georgetown.'"


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7:54 p.m. FINAL UPDATE!

Whew! It's been a long day at Franklin Field and I've had just about enough. The last race of the evening is 200 meters away from finishing and I'm headed to the hotel to finish up any leftover work. Join me again tomorrow!


7:40 p.m. UPDATE!
I've been chatting with Chris Hunt, PR Director at The Armory in New York - we both agree that it's freezing and that this is Thursday weather, not Friday. We both planned on starting our tans today and both of us will leave Franklin Field tonight a little paler and a lot colder.


7:38 p.m. UPDATE!
Hoyas currently in sixth in the SMR with one heat to go!


7:36 p.m. UPDATE!

Brian Hencke strong on the last 300 meters to close in on NC A&T! Nice work, Hoyas - 3:26.47!


7:34 p.m. UPDATE!
Yup - website had it wrong. Hoyas are running strong in this third heat!


7:29 p.m. UPDATE!

Late notice but it looks as though the Hoyas scratched their entry into the men's sprint medley relay. I will be posting my recap to shortly while the last couple of heats go just to be sure they don't sneak in somewhere without my knowing.


7:24 p.m. UPDATE!
Wow, false start in the first heat of the Men's SMR Championship of America leaves Tennessee out of the mix as they are DQ'd. Interesting start!


7:17 p.m. UPDATE!
Still fifth through four heats - one more to go!


7:12 p.m. UPDATE!

With an official time of 3:55.93, the Hoyas currently have the fifth-fastest time through three heats. Chela Green led off the quartet with the first 200 while London Finley took over the second 200-meter leg. Emily Menges, also of women's soccer elite eight fame, ran the 400 while Becca DeLoache anchored the 800-meter stanza. Go Hoyas!


7:05 p.m. UPDATE!

Georgetown wins second section of the sprint medley relay with a time of 3:55 and change. Go Hoyas!


6:40 p.m. UPDATE!

We're still waiting on the sprint medley relays for the men and the women but while we wait for those to begin - let me tell you a little bit more about the coldest day I've ever experienced at Penn Relays. If this were Distance Night, I would not be complaining but Friday is usually the day where I get sunburned forcing me to go to CVS to purchase my only bottle of sunblock for the year. However, that has not been the case today. It's windy, chilly and the sun has been hiding behind the clouds all day. So, what to do when that happens - forego the media "buffet" and find other food options. I'm of course going to follow the trusted advice of my boss and former Penn intern and go to Frita's food cart, the first food cart in the line of cars on 33rd Street just outside of Franklin Field. He always recommends the chicken cheesesteak but I figure if I'm in Philly and I'm going to perhaps not eat the healthiest thing, I'm going all out. So, I went classic cheesesteak with onions. It may have been one of the best parts of my day. Also, another shout out to my favorite person at Penn Relays - Fr. John is not only a great storyteller but a graduate of St. Bonaventure, also the alma mater of one Mex Carey. It's been quite the day in Philly and I cannot wait for the SMRs to get on so I can finally get back inside on this gusty day at Franklin Field.


6:18 p.m. UPDATE!

So, the Hoyas will not be racing until the sprint medley relay - but Walter Johnson (my high school) is competing in the high school boys distance medley relay right now. Go Wildcats!


6:13 p.m. UPDATE!

The crowd has been announced at 38,806. We've had some bouts with some rain but we seem to be getting through it. Just in case you guys were wondering what the awesome Fr. John looks like, here is a picture of the greatest storyteller of all time. 


Live Blog_Diana and Fr. John Pierce.jpg 


5:48 p.m. UPDATE!
So, Fr. John, who I met when I first got here today, has been a great person to sit next to. He has regaled me with stories from yesteryear and as I said, continued to call me "Georgetown" for the majority of the morning. He told me stories of Charles Jenkins who is here in attendance and a former Gold medalist and how he knows the Cos and how Billy Cosby helped him get to one of the Olympics. It's been quite the day at Franklin Field and we still have two more races with Hoyas in it!


4:50 p.m. UPDATE!

Hoyas finish ninth overall with a time of 9:46.07.


4:28 p.m. UPDATE!

It was as if the runners decided to call a do-over once the anchor leg came on as the two front packs combined back into one pack yet again. It's going to be a kicker's race with 800 meters to go!


4:26 p.m. UPDATE!

Theon O'Connor with a brilliant last 400 to get to the front of the second pack on the 800 meter leg.


4:21 p.m. UPDATE!

And the men's DMR has started! Billy Ledder leads off for the Hoyas in the 1,200-meter leg with Toby Ulm taking over the quick 400-meter stanza. Theon O'Connor will run the 800 while Andrew Springer will anchor the 1,600 meters.


4:04 p.m. UPDATE!

All-American Chris Kinney runs 14 flat in the men's 110-meter hurdles, second in his heat behind Texas' Keiron Stewart!


2 p.m. UPDATE!

Tough race for the Hoyas. BC's anchor just had that extra bit of steam to edge out the Hoyas on the final straightaway. Still a strong performance from the Hoyas and they should be proud. It's so hard to run in the lead for the entirety of a 1,500-meter leg. Still up today we've got Chris Kinney in the men's 110-meter hurdles and the men's DMR at 4 p.m. We'll have the women's sprint medley relay (SMR) at 6:20 p.m., and the men's SMR right after. Get ready for some more track from Franklin Field!


1:41 p.m. UPDATE!
BC pulls out the win with an amazing last 200 meters. Hoyas take second in the women's 4x1500.


1:40 p.m. UPDATE!

Bell lap! Emily Infeld going for the win! Sheila Reid in second with Villanova and BC in third!


1:37 p.m. UPDATE!

Georgetown in the lead through the final handoff! Emily Infeld anchoring the team! GO HOYAS! Going for the second distance event!


1:35 p.m. UPDATE!

Renee Tomlin is on the third leg and the pack closed in on Richmond. Richmond, Villanova and Georgetown in the top three o the third leg of the race! Get excited!


1:30 p.m. UPDATE!

Georgetown in fourth place after the first handoff. Lauren Borduin led off for the Hoyas and All-American Rachel Schneider is taking over the second leg!



We've already seen the men's 4x100 heats with the Hoyas having a rough last handoff and timing in at 44.12.


Still up today is the women's 4x1,500-meter relay, the second of the trio of women's distance relays. The Hoyas were already victorious in the first - the women's DMR, an event the Hoyas had not won since 1996. The quartet of three-time All-American Renee Tomlin, GU record-holder Amanda Kimbers, All-American Chelsea Cox and six-time All-American Emily Infeld shattered the existing school record by nearly 10 seconds when they ran a 10:51.49, eclipsing the previous record of 11:01.47 set in 1997.


It was the second COA women's DMR Championship and the fifth women's Championship of America for the Hoyas. The Blue & Gray have won 29 Penn Relays Championships of America in program history with the first two coming in 1922 in the men's 4x200-meter relay and the men's DMR.


So, there's your Georgetown Penn Relays history lesson. Let's get ready for a solid day on the track!

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