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We're coming to you live from Jumbo Elliott Track at Villanova Stadium with the 2011 BIG EAST Track & Field Championships! I'm joined by a crew of BIG EAST and BIG EAST institutions staff in the pressbox and it's sure to be a great day of track & field for the Hoyas! Stay tuned for the latest updates on all things BE Championships related right here on! Get excited and Hoya Saxa!


2011 BIG EAST T&F Championship Central | LIVE! Results


8:17 p.m. FINAL UPDATE!
Check the story on the front page of It's been quite the day and it's time to get out of here!


6:18 p.m. UPDATE!
Emily Jones holds off West Virginia and takes third place, making the podium for Georgetown! Way to go, Emily!


6:16 p.m. UPDATE!
Emily Jones in the lead with two laps to go but a couple of runners made some moves with the final 800!


5:45 p.m. UPDATE!
Max Darrah scores points for the Hoyas as he takes fifth place in the men's 3,000 steeple, crossing the line at 9:06.26! Everything counts from this point on!


5:28 p.m. UPDATE!

Well, it's now as if we are having the championships in Florida since the sun is shining after the quick showers and we have a rainbow over the track!


5:25 p.m. UPDATE!

With the rain and winds coming in, the question is: how long can a tent last on the infield during a mild storm? Note, this photo was clearly taken from the safety of my seat in the pressbox.


BLOG - tent.jpg 


5:20 p.m. UPDATE!

It's starting to rain  here at Jumbo Elliott Track at Villanova Stadium. I'm very happy to have the cover of the pressbox right now!


5:04 p.m. UPDATE!

Kadeem Hunter qualifies for tomorrow's final on time!


4:54 p.m. UPDATE!

Amanda Kimbers definitely made it into tomorrow's final. Here is a preview of some of the photos we will have on the site later. It's a shot of Amanda in the 100 meter dash trials from earlier. Photo Credit: Nicole Sweet


BLOG - Amanda Kimbers in the women's 100 trials.JPG 

4:40 p.m. UPDATE!

Amanda Kimbers runs a 23.65 to take first in the first heat of the women's 200! She automatically qualifies for tomorrow's finals.


4:26 p.m. UPDATE!

Toby Ulm wins the first heat of the men's 400-meter hurdles outright. Way to go, Toby! Two heats without Hoyas and then we're on to the 200 trials. That's when it starts to get real around here as it will be the final trials event and everything from that point on counts for points!


4:21 p.m. UPDATE!

Get set for the men's 400-meter hurdles - we've got Toby Ulm in heat one!


3:56 p.m. UPDATE!

Sorry - I've been running around Villanova Stadium so I have not been able to keep you up to date on everything. Renee Tomlin and Chelsea Cox both qualified automatically for tomorrow's women's 800 final. Renee ran a 2:11.26 with Chelsea running a 2:07.69. Becca DeLoache qualified on time with a 2:08.32 in heat two.


3:11 p.m. UPDATE!

I will be the first to admit that there are certainly times when there are "lulls" during a track meet. It is only natural as you go from event to event. There is set up for each event and making sure everyone is lined up properly.  Anyway, when lulls happen - it is important to keep yourself occupied. I used my free time to keep up with Old Hat Creative's annual May charity event. Last year was "HuMAYliation" ... this year is "MAY-HAM"


It is obviously enjoyable (as everything they do tends to be ... you can just check our publications to know that.) I highly recommend watching the video. And the use of the music from Last of the Mohicans is EXTREMELY enjoyable!



3:09 p.m. UPDATE!

Amanda Kimbers takes second in her prelim with a time of 11.62. That is one-hundredth of a second off her school record set one year ago at the BIG EAST Championships!


2:51 p.m. UPDATE!

Emily Menges and Deidra Sanders narrowly miss the cut for tomorrow's finals as they finish with times of 55.40 and 55.33, respectively. Tough heats for the duo.


2:30 p.m. UPDATE!

Emily Menges takes third in her heat of the men's 400-meter dash with a time of 55.40. In the men's 110 hurdles, Chris Kinney officially ran a 13.95 to automatically qualify while Biyerem Okengwu ran a 14.40 in his heat to qualify on time.


2:21 p.m. UPDATE!

That was a rough heat of the men's 110 hurdles ... while discussing with the Louisville SID, we questioned if that was the most hurdles to go down in a single heat this season. The BIG EAST thought we were joking when we asked that ... I'm pretty sure we were only half joking.


2:15 p.m. UPDATE!

Chris Kinney's runs an unofficial 13.95, if this time ends up being right - it will be his season best. Chris is coming back from injury this season and looks like he is ready to take on the postseason with a vengeance!


2:11 p.m. UPDATE!

Chris Kinney is up next in the first heat of the men's 110-meter hurdles! Biyerem Okengwu in heat two. Get excited!


2:09 p.m. UPDATE!

Diana Sainvil's time of 14.74 in the women's 100-meter hurdles isn't enough to qualify for Sunday's final - but she did take fifth overall in her heat.


1:59 p.m. UPDATE!

Andrew Springer ran a 3:52.90 officially while Dan Leyh actually ran a 3:53.34, not the 3:56 I previously reported. My bad. Get ready for the women's 100-meter hurdles!


1:56 p.m. UPDATE!

Dan Leyh runs a 3:56.34 to get in to tomorrow's 1,500-meter finals on time! Congrats to Dan and Andrew on getting to tomorrow's final!


1:55 p.m. UPDATE!

A great race from Andrew Springer saw him take over first place on the final straight in his heat!


1:44 p.m. UPDATE!
Men's first heat has started. While we wait for that to get going - let's run through times of the women's.

Automatically qualifying are Emily Infeld (4:28.59), Lauren Borduin (4:29.00), Rachel Schneider (4:30.82) and qualifying on time was Madeline Chambers (4:31.11). Two laps to go in the first heat of the men's 1,500.


1:40 p.m. UPDATE!

Next up - men's 1,500-meter trials. We will have two heats of this as well with Dan Leyh competing in the first heat and Andrew Springer competing in the second heat!


1:38 p.m. UPDATE!

Rachel Schneider looks to have qualified on time with Madeline Chambers waiting to see if she qualifies on time in the women's 1,500. I'm going out on the limb to say that Madeline's fifth-place standing in heat two qualifies  her on time. Go Hoyas!


1:33 p.m. UPDATE!

Infeld and Borduin automatically qualify for the women's 1,500-meter finals tomorrow!


So, I'm definitely someone who bleeds Hoya Blue but it is no secret in our office that my heart beats for a certain head coach of Villanova basketball. And right now, while some may say that I'm in "Villanova, Pa." or just outside of Philadelphia (for the second-straight weekend) ... I consider myself in JayWrightvillle, USA right now.


Anyway, first event on slate for us is the women's 1,500-meter trials. We've got four Hoyas in this event with Lauren Borduin, six-time All-American Emily Infeld, two-time All-American Rachel Schneider and All-American Madeline Chambers. Event starts at 1:30 p.m.!

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